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  1. I think it's a raccoon jaw, missing the front incisors
  2. Hilarious - this is the sixth time I've seen this pic today from everyone texting it to me. Absolute deer of a lifetime - congrats to the hunter! Chris
  3. Great job on the buck Thanks for sharing, Chris
  4. Last night I had tons of great action between 3 and about 5 PM right before the rain, with deer and turkeys galore on the prowl.. Once it started raining it died right down.
  5. Mark - incredible story, I could actually feel the pain that you were feeling through your narrative. I agree with Tileman, you are not only a better hunter, but a better person. Your story is humbling to even the hardest of sportsmen/women. Be safe, Chris
  6. The key in your quote is you know your shot and know your distance limits given your experience. Nothing wrong with that.
  7. Agree 100%. I have a buddy that wounds a deer almost once a year, and I know several seasons when it's multiple deer that he's wounded!!! It' almost a joke to him, which is very, very sad given that he gets buck fever the minute he sees bone on a head. Needless to say, he doesn't hunt my properties anymore. I had a nice ten which I ranged at 45 yards last year. I did all I could to hold off and wait. I must admit I wanted to throw an arrow, given the phrase "you can't kill 'em if you don't shoot..." but I waited and watched him walk off into the sunset since that's way beyond my level of comfort. Two weeks later, he was back at 15 yards and now he resides in my belly and on my wall. Good luck in the field, Chris
  8. Happy Birthday buddy Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Nice job!!! I also have celiac disease so it can be tough at times to do a good fish fry. My wife always uses the Ian's Panko style GF crumbs - they are great!! Thanks for sharing Chris
  10. You may be surprised - good genes and forage and he may only be a 1 1/2 year old. Agree - manage bucks that by taking your finger off the trigger. Thanks for sharing the pic! Chris
  11. Same here - deer are still in their summer feeding patterns and I have many doe on my cameras but very few bucks right now. My property is very similar to your situation although there's pics of a few daytime core, smaller basket rack bucks. That being said, once the rut kicks into high gear, the bucks really start chasing in our territory and the cams really seem to pick up lots of daytime activity of travelling beasts looking for their mates. Jeff Sturgis' book Mature Buck Success by Design is a good book which focuses on some of these theories, and it has been a good read this past year Good luck, Chris
  12. Sickening scum of the scum of the earth......so sad.
  13. Awesome stuff Scott!!!! It makes me so happy to see what you've done. It's crazy to see how the grass has come in!!! Looks great. There are some big boys roaming out there - good luck this year and be safe. TTYL, Chris
  14. Hey Scott, Awesome job on putting in the plots on the new property!! The clearing work you did from the fall looks superb! Good luck this year - I'm thinking of putting in a plot in Darien at some point. I'll have to pick your brain in the future.... I can't tell from the pics where the location is on the old property, but the deer used to hit the area north and west of the ridge quite hard where it leveled off heading north. Good luck bud, Chris
  15. Look at Waffler Nursery in Wolcott. They have disease resistant "Wildlife" packages of trees that are fire blight resistant. The pricing used to be $200 for 10 trees that were bare root stock and they deliver them to your door. Be careful of Lowes trees as some varieties are not suitable given that they are not disease resistant. If you think you're just going to drop a few trees in the woods without fencing and wrapping to prevent girdling of the bark, or pruning and have a nursery in 3-5 years, you're wrong. The deer and smaller critters will destroy the trees, especially the new buds without protection. QDMA tree planting is tough and takes preventative maintenance, but in the long run nothing can beat a pear tree on fruit production for your wild game. Good luck gents, Chris
  16. Hey good buddy - as always it was great fishing with you once again this year. Despite very tough conditions through reports around the lake, you stuck with a plan and put meat on the deck. You were extremely generous every time we went out - never asking for a penny for gas or tackle. LOU friends - Anthony is a great captain and great friend and I've learned a ton from him over the years. Every time I go out with him I learn something new. Thanks again bud - great times, great times!! BTW - I thought it's Barry "600 copper" Hayward.....not Haywood....lmao!!! Cheers, Moe
  17. So how should you fight a steelhead? Thanks, Concerned angler Chris
  18. Awesome fish.....kudos on the release. That's sportsmanship at it's finest. Good luck on the water, Chris
  19. +2 for Pultneyville Grille, but they're closed on Tuesdays...... Great higher end food and drink
  20. I feel like the worst friend ever that I'm not able to fish with you buddy! Work, kids and getting ready for hunting are kickin my butt....... FYI to all the fellow LOU members - Anthony is one of the nicest guys on this planet and a blast to fish with!! Get out there and fish with him STAT Chris
  21. Welcome to the club my friend - congrats on a spectacular fish. Tight lines, Chris
  22. Great report - thanks for sharing I wonder if you have a beehive on your boat? Good luck, Chris
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