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  1. I really must thank you for taking the time producing your live posts, with pics and great video!! Really , really awesome when I can't be on the water. Cheers bud, Chris
  2. Fantastic job bud!!! Keep the great reports coming, Chris
  3. Superb report Tomy and no surprise that you had a great day given that you were fishing with a superb captain. Thanks for the awesome report - congrats to you and your crew. WTG boys!!!! Chris
  4. I have a 27# king I boated solo the second year I owned my boat. Aftera 45 minute fiasco of everything behind my boat being tangled and a battle of two wills, I landed him after he hit a free slider on one of my riggers. I jumped up and down, swore a million times, played air guitar, you name it after he hit the deck. He now resides on my wall.......I remember it like it was yesterday. Nothing like those solo battles my friend..... keep at it Good luck, Chris
  5. That top loop, like I said in my earlier post, being 5 degrees off from the fin is turning your weight into a Dipsy Diver (similar to when you adjust the center of gravity by turning the weight dial).
  6. Check that the top eye loop is parallel with the back fin. If it is off set, it will not run true
  7. Go out and first and foremost have fun. Don't overthink your program and don't beat yourself up when you lose a fish (to me this is the most heartbreaking thing when fishing a tourney and seems to generate the most anxiety). 1.) Sharpen your hooks 2.) Check all leaders, knots, etc for any wear and tear 3.) Put out your best spread early 4.) Pay attention to little things like speed, depth, direction of troll and don't forget to make a mental note of these things when a fish hits (often you'll forget to do these things b/c you're focused on landing the fish and then you'll be asking yourself questions later.) 5.) Use meat - it often will catch a big boy 6.) Have fun, have fun, have fun Good luck, Chris
  8. Hey brother Anthony, It was a blast being back on the water and thanks so much for heading out despite your Achilles issue earlier in the year!! Anthony always knows where to find the fish, despite the weather and not so ideal conditions. We always have a great time and it was so great to be back on the big lake. Thanks again bud for some great laughs and a few fish to boot........ Chris
  9. Already taken care of. Good for five years. Thanks, Chris
  10. Hello LOU friends, Anyone on this forum have any success with stocking their personal ponds with minnows/crawfish to help promote growth of bass/perch in their ponds? Thanks, Chris
  11. Flat lining is when you run unweighted line like mono. Since its a weighted line that sinks, I think you mean running it down the chute which is highly effective and great if you don't have boards. It can be a bit of a pain when you're fighting a fish on another line, but it's s great way to keep your spread manageable. Good luck
  12. Awesome story - thanks for taking the time to write it. I really enjoyed your flybridge rebuild when you posted it a few years back so it was great to see all the other stuff you've done over the years since. Thanks for sharing - you are one handy dude, Chris
  13. Please accept my apologies on my earlier post that was deleted. After thinking about it a bit more, my post was a bit out of line. Good luck on your sale! Chris
  14. Posts are getting deleted now? If that's the case, please cancel my professional membership
  15. Nice job. Please, please, please get some life jackets on those kids though. Thanks for the report, Chris
  16. Hey Mark, It's great to hear from you - glad you're back in the game my friend. I also sold my boat, but it'd be great to catch up on Anthony's boat some time. Be safe and stay in touch (same cell #), Chris
  17. Hey LOU friends - here's just about the last of my stuff for sale. Thanks so much for looking: Brand new Owner Hooks ST-41 #2 (I've used these as replacements for most standard and superslim spoons and tourney tying standard flies): Ten lots of seven hooks (total of 70 hooks): $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping US only Various Spin Dr. flasher/fly combos and a few free flies and a few Michigan Stinger flashers: $75.00 free shipping US only Lot of standard spoons: $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping (5) Finger Lakes Tackle Spoons: $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping US only Lot of stinger size and DW SS spoons: $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping US only PM me if interested. I prefer to ship as it's hard meeting guys/gals this time of year. Anyone who takes everything will be rewarded with free shipping on the entire order and the price will be $190.00 for the whole lot. Thanks for looking, Chris
  18. Check starter motor by jumping the solenoid and turn the key. Starter motor should spin. If it does, you have a bad solenoid. If it doesn't, bad starter. My guess is it's a starter or starter solenoid issue given the fact that it didn't turn when you jumped it from your truck
  19. 60/40 chance.................or maybe 70/30..............hell, maybe 90/10...............lol
  20. Lol.......it's a sickness brother.....even when you no longer own a boat
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