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  1. My thoughts are with you Bob....sorry for your loss
  2. I like to strain some of the pike and onions when it is ready. mix it with sourcream, horseradish and salt and Pepper. Then Put it on rye squares
  3. the only change that I like is to make my own pickling spice with bay leaves, peppercorns, dried chilis, whole garlic cloves, and chinese 5 spice Enjoy!!!
  4. 1 Cut fillets into 2in squares. Make a brine of 1/2 cup non-iodized salt to 1 quart of water 2 Place fillets in a nonreactive container and cover completely with salt water brine for 24 hours. after 24 hours drain and rinse fish. 3 cover fillets with white vinegar for 24 hours then drain 4 pack fish in sterilized jars with onion slices and cover with cooled pickling solution 5 wait at least 2 weeks before eating pickling solution 4c white vinegar 3c sugar 1c white wine 2 raw onions sliced 1/4 cup pickling spice in a large non-aluminum pan mix sugar into vinegar, heat but DO NOT BOIL add white wine onions and spices, now boil and cool
  5. I have a recipe that I will be putting up as soon as I dig it out. But before my fish goes in the pickling brine I do an overnight of saltwater (proportions to come) and then an overnight of white vinegar. The straight vinegar overnight will take care of just about anything in there. Also the brine will disolve the Y bones in pike and pickeral..so you dont need to take them out. I have kept it for up to a year in my fridge. Its best after about a month
  6. Thanks, I believe the same thing.The waves were right on shore the other night..... I was hoping that it would push the bait rights up into there with all the mixing. But no fish yet.........
  7. I'll put it in the recipe section as soon as I get a chance
  8. Nice pics.... keep the pics and the reports coming!
  9. Gee bob your making me blush , but seriously had a good time just being out and doing some fishing. As soon as I can fill all my tags on those dirty brown wood chickens I will be back to doing the important stuff (fishing).
  10. a 7 or 8 will be fine.. what else is nice a rod that size will have the power to cast big flies for bass, pike and walleye also. I would start with a floating rocket taper line for versatality
  11. lake ontario tribs or inland lakes and streams?
  12. pick a species......... as for actions a soft action rod is more forgiving for a beginner
  13. Silver Horde Fishing Supplies Inc 20910 63rd Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98036-7402 Phone: (425) 778-2640
  14. try this http://www.fishreports.net/fishing-lure ... ories.html
  15. What!?!?! Thats why I am going up there. I was told that was my best bet at finding a big girl!
  16. I hope all the bad things in the world happen to you and you only Land Shark
  17. yea, blonde moment.... the total of 5 allows a combination of no more than 3 of LLS or LT
  18. you shouldnt have a problem. If either the lure weight is too light to allow it to slide down easy or the clips blow up the line there a few fixes: I)some boards have adjustments so you can adjust how they run. a board that runs farther back than farther out to the side will allow the clips to slide easier. II) the higher up a mast is the better the clips will slids (gravity) III) if your clips are having trouble sliding or blowing back up you can always pinch a few 1/4oz split shots on the metal part of the release between the clip and the hook that goes on the planer board line.
  19. I took a couple of decent salmon 3-4 lbers on saturday along with some dinks and a few browns. I was stacking riggers and running dipsys. Most fish came off a Magnum size NBK just south of Taughanock point. I may have seen some of you out there. Gray Lund with red bimini and Honda OB. Fish were coming down 40-60 over 80-110 FOW. Was my first time out on Cayuga and I really enjoyed the fishery and scenery, I will be keeping my boat ready for water all year this season if any of you guys want to get out I would love to learn more about that fishery.
  20. I just checked and the company I like doesn't make one for canadaigua. but you can get a crude one of the DEC website to start
  21. Rich is going to deffinetely be your best bet for musky in that area. I will hopefully be going out with him in the next few weeks
  22. theres one on the selling section for 200 ray... http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... php?t=7945
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