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  1. I am looking for a planer board mast and boards, preferably a big jon or riviera.
  2. fillet, leave skin on, remove ribs and pin bones. put skin side down un-ungreased foil, toss on the grill on medium heat. Mix equal parts: nancys sharp mustard, lime juice, brown sugar and horseradish. coat top of fillet with mixture grill until done (don't keep lifting the lid or it will never cook!) fillet will come right off of skin b/c you didn't grease the foil. enjoy!
  3. the number of times the guide goes past the spool. Not all reels are the same, pull off enough line to have the guide make a pass then measure the line out.
  4. I can't really speak for starcraft, but if you are thinking about a Lund, Martins Marina is a great dealer, who offers top notch service.
  5. I do it all the time, and run as far a charity island for eyes in a 16ft lund.
  6. The kings have been slow to move in, but the walleye fishing is in full swing. Try off of calf island reef/spit, the steps off of little galoo and out by the can. Target 30-60 feet of water with stick baits, use drop weights and various diving plugs (reef runners will probably be the ticket) natural colors with painted orange bellies have been working good
  7. try pitching jigs around glen park area (there is a path that will take you down below the damn), also try off of the damn in dexter,under the bridge and from the boat launch area. Also try wading in the river by the water works park off of huntington street.
  8. You need to go alot deeper than that for the big eyes (8-12lbers) head out to the galloos or charity, run reef runners and DD husky jerks. Natural colors with orange bellys. target fish in 30-60fow off of these areas. If you are willing to get a canadian license and make the run. go out to pigeon island and employ the same tactics, some good catches of trophy fishing lately out there. There's a spot on LOU for questions about walleye and bass. you might be able to get some good advice there. Nick
  9. That question was in regards to: Is there some sort of coating on the line the wears off over time. or is there some non-spherical line shape the hinders the fleas from attaching that weathers over time that would warrant one to use it just when needed L&M What pound test is that spool.... Would be the perfect situation to give it a try
  10. thats the evil devil right there......I know bad pic..... camera phone
  11. So I generally use the same line on me trolling rods (other than my dipsys).......Trilene xt 17lb, all year and just changer leaders as I go from browns to walleye to salmon. But today in mexico bay I hooked into a nice musky on a NBK (15-20lb). At about 25 feet from the fish I had a solid 4ft of fleas, making reeling the bugger in impossible, so after a few minute of hand lining the slimy devil and cutting my fingers to @$%@; I land the fish, release the fish, and decided it was time for some flea flicker line. Being a cheap @SS I was wondering why I couldn't just buy some flea flicker at leave it on all year. Is there downfalls to the line causing many fisherman to use it just during fleas season? Dose it lose flea flickyness over time warranting the use just during flea season?
  12. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishin ... php?t=6046 I have two rods for sale
  13. 1 year old VHF antenna for sale, I am selling because I need to go to a 3ft stainless in order to get a new bimini top. $25 obo
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