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  1. Here is another picture that was in the Post Standard a while back.
  2. i love mine... and i paid 147 with shipping....all depends on flucuations in the market
  3. I run 17lb trilene XT year round as I use the same rods for salmon and walleye in the henderson area.... I certainly could get by with less than 17lb for LO eyes (even though they are 10lbs) but its a good middle of the road and I dont have to switch out.
  4. nice fish stan.... we got 3 feet of snow here... tell us more man! what did you catch them on? how deep?
  5. http://www.tibait.com/Reports/river.asp ... ver+report plenty of places up north all these places probably have more by now and many should be over 6 by the weekend after xmas.
  6. yep...gonna try and get out to do some fishing...north to do some hardwater fishing.............or south to the finger lakes..... tough decision... you?
  7. Glen, I just went to the website also and they are out of M and L....send them and email and ask them when they will be getting more in stock. Landshark knows of another website that sells them.......
  8. just got the word....early dismissal
  9. i will get some ice pics out soon. just let me get some ice..
  10. i do that already, but you havent tried the goat thing???
  11. nice fish LD, keep those pics coming to help us make it through the winter!
  12. I have the same concern whether i want 4 wire divers or 2 wire/2 braid..............I know everything has its day and braid i can get more distance for a certain depth, but i dont have a huge boat and i like to keep the rods to a minimum on the boat
  13. oh boy... i better sacrifice a goat with my pj's inside out tonight for the snow day gods!
  14. nice video.....some day i will get my chance to get one of those giant minnows on a flyrod
  15. bring it on bill. I am hoping for snow days friday and monday...I would like to head north for some hard water fishing.
  16. do you still use the same wire to depth ratios with the walkers??
  17. just got mine today from the site posted above. the suit was ordered on the 4th and it was received on the 16th which works out to about 8 business days shipping from england. I bought mine from the UK so my exchange was from pounds. worked out to a little more than 150 US which is VERY good for these fladen suits. check the exchange rate online the day you buy it. I am 6'1" and 220lbs, I bought a large and it fits great. plenty of room for layers but I wont need them as it is very warm.
  18. I for one am a crock man my self.. and unlike sneakers its no biggie to walk in the water or take them off and rinse them over board if the get blood or slime on them. Its about funtionality for me.
  19. I have but you dont really need it with these suits. you can hop in them in your street clothes and be all set for a day of fishing in 30 degree weather. they are TOASTY
  20. I recently ordered a suit from this same company. I ordered it on the 4th but have yet to get it. I will let you know how satisfied I am with this company when I get it. As for the fladen suit, Landshark has a couple of them that he has let me try and on different fishing outings: they are warm, comfortable and are rated very well for holding in body heat in near freezing water. I will say that they run very big. I have worn an XL in the past but ordered a L I am 6'1" and 220lbs. I will let you know how i fits upon arrival.
  21. glad to have you and good luck. I am a watertown native so if you want to get out and see things "hands on" in the spring let me know. I also know the area you are talking about where your cottage is, that area provides some tremendous spring brown fishing..
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