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  1. I am the advisor for a fisheries club in my middle school which is located in the Salmon River area. For the past couple years I have raised Land Locked Atlantic's and released them in the Little Salmon river. This year I plan to expand our base to include Brown Trout. I will be getting both species from egg. My current setup is a mini fridge with an 8 gallon tank in it and a filter. I am looking for anyone in the area or who passes through the area that may be interested in donating supplies ( I have plenty of tanks but could use pumps and filters). I understand that I can set up a refrigeration unit that either circulates cooled water or sits directly in the tank. So anyone with refrigeration knowledge or parts that could accomodate this would be helpful in helping me with this venture. Please PM if you are interested.
  2. I am going to have to agree with salmonite on this one. I am sort of an expert on the skunk ape (big foot) and judging by the hair and shape, I am going to have to say thats what it is. I have never seen one this far north though. I would recommend setting your stand and baiting him in.... I have found that PB&J sandwiches work well. They are pretty big so my caliber of choice is usually the .450 marlin good knock down power and the bullet holds together through the hide and hair. If you bag this sucker not only will you be hated by PETA you will be a national celebrity and the body will get you a pretty penny........all wins in my book. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skunk_Ape
  3. nice fish.............take that kid out for some spring browns to get him seasoned for trolling.....after a boating 20 browns he will be an addict like the rest of us!
  4. Iceman I appreciate you being an advocate for our waters. But loosing the bands was something I was worried about also... the plan is to wrap it about 3 times around my line and put both ends in a heavy pinch style clip so that I end up with both ends
  5. I had a buddy do well today in the trench in about 80 fOW white e-chip, white- fly
  6. I am by far no expert but in my opinion................I like a 10' medium heavy rod.... Gander Guide series makes a decent one for $30. As for line I would use either wire (for extra depth) or braided, you need to have something that wont stretch like mono. either way you should go greater than 20#.
  7. took a 25lb musky on it in mexico bay this summer fishing for salmon............ One of my favorites for spring browns also
  8. thanks! Going to make a trip to Tupper this weekend... for some LLS and Lakers
  9. thanks... do you think a 15" trout can break one of those #12's?
  10. yea went out sunday with boards and trolling setups only. had a release every 3 minutes because of the weeds, after about an hour I decided I would have better luck at the waterfront tavern.
  11. i guess if i go to staples they have a number rating on the bands....do you know what they are on the ones you use?
  12. I am going to the adirondacks this weekend to troll for some trout and am worried that the lil buggers wont trip my riggers. I was thinking of attacking rubber bands from my line to my releases. any ideas on the size for light releases.
  13. I just lied about my score to give landshark a hard time
  14. http://www.rivieratrolling.com/planner_board_masts.html Try some of these options, if none of these work buy a new seat base and take it to a welding/machine shop and have one made.
  15. I spend alot of my springs and falls running boards for salmonoids in the adirondacks. Most of my fish avg. 12-24 inches. I am going to load those 17's with 8lb test
  16. I had a king come out of the water 3 times last weekend in Mexico bay.
  17. I have raised Salmo salar sabago (LL Atlantic Salmon) before and would say that is one.
  18. Thanks, I ended up hoooking up a cigarette lighter port, threw a 14amp inline fuse in it. bought a plug for when I am nor using it and mounted it under my consoul to avoid water. Works Great!!!!!!!!!
  19. I am looking for some daiwa heartland series kokanee downrigger rods (UL action 2-8lb test rating) and daiwa 17 accudepth or sealine reels. will consider other rods in the 8-10' foot range and UL action or other line counter reels as small as the daiwa 17
  20. I am looking for 1 set of 2 yakima "Q" towers with end caps for a canoe rack. just the towers and end caps
  21. So I have been using my garmin hand held for a while and am getting sick of changing batteries every two trips. I found a power cord that hooks up to a 12v cigarette lighter adapter. What would be the best way to hook this up. I have a 5 amp accessory fuse in my dash that I already mounted my marine radio on. Should I cut off the cigarette lighter adapter and wire it into that? (will the fuse handle my radio and gps) should I wire it on the battery side of that fuse and put another inline fuse in? should I instal a cigarette lighter port? (will it rust) and (what side of the existing fuse)? Any advise would be helpful, thanks!
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