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  1. You hit the nail on the head. After fishing the Trench/Finger Sun to Yesterday the trick is being close to bottom with out touching and losing equipment. There are a ton of fish staged there right now. I too was running 15-20 ft over water depth on my riggers. Trouble was though I had the mrs so checking rods did not happen often enough with the end result of finding Zebra muscles that were dragged for who knows how long. Was 2.1-2-5 GPS or Ball speed? I was running 2.2 ball but noticed I was trolling faster than most others. We ended up with 3kings 1 laker on sun. 2 lakers on mon 1 king yesterday in 3 hours. A dozen boats or better yesterday fishing Perch just SE of Snowshoe bay. Headed back up tonight
  2. I have run them threaded on my Depth Raider rigger. Watch for signs of separation on the release plastic after time. But 20 bucks for a new release is a lot better than a new probe. The stop beads work but will creep overtime depending how much you load up your rods.
  3. Catfish to just west of the plant boat Launch. Water was 42-43 coming off the point. I am sure it changed though with todays winds. Scott
  4. I was one of the 3 in the am.We went 15 for 16 releases. 3 lakers 2 of which were 10 lbs. 12 browns one was 9 lbs. Black and chrome sticks were good but a self made 2 1/4 in silverblank in a chicken wing pattern produced most of our fish.Just like 2 weeks ago these fish are stuffed with small 2 " gobies. scott
  5. Warmest water was between Cat fish and the Plant where we found 41-43 and the majority of our fish.
  6. Launched at day break breaking skim ice to get out. Set upon a north troll and ran into an iceberg field up at Selkirk.Headed south and picked up our first fish just west of the LSR. Continued to Catfish and back with most fish coming just west of the Launch. Warmest water we found was 36. Water was well stained with a ton of debris. We managed 7 browns for 11 releases all cookie cutters. Saw one other boat that joined us late afternoon.Most fish came off Smithwick creek chubs .Could not get a spoon to fire. Chilly but very enjoyable day on the pond Scott
  7. Thank you Harvey the weights arrived today.Quality product Scott
  8. I sent a pm on fri 7/27 and have not heard anything back. I am interested in 3 weights please e-mail me at [email protected] with price and address to send payment to.
  9. Thanks lilboat weather permitting maybe we will see you next weekend
  10. Fished the Trench Sun 5 -2 Mrs first trip to the Lake. Landed 3 kings 17-20# had 2 Lakers up to 10# Broke off 1 fish. Highlight of trip was a double a Laker on a dipsey and a King off the rigger ended up with 3 rods involved in the tangle but still managed to land both fish. I should be back out the next 2 weekends
  11. Thanks for the report I plan on fishing that 5-14/5-16.
  12. I run the terrova 80 24v with I-pilot upgrade on a 19' Triumph cc. As for extended trolling the batteries will not last . I get about + or- 6hrs walleye fishing @ 1-1.25mph. The auto pilot feature does work good on calmer days though to control the boat with my larger motor doing the main propulsion. My top speed on the Terrova is about 2mph gps which is my lowest that my Honda 4 stroke trolls down to. The anchor feature on the I-pilot is nice when vertically jigging bait or fish that you have marked.Hope this helps
  13. Had to reterminate to get rid of the scuffed cable after the first weekend. Tried traxtech a little better but the pulleys would get hung up occasionally. Setting up for this year a dedicated rigger for the probe
  14. Ck A-1 bait in Lewiston bottom of hill at ramp round concrete building They supply majority of guides on the river
  15. Hey willie welcome to this site. Maybe we can hook up for some Kings in the next couple months. I would love to take you out in my new ride
  16. Thanks slip. Next time I seee you it will probably on the Sac
  17. Dawg is my handle Scott Keeler my name. I live by Lake George Ny. I am taking delivery next sat 7/12 on a new Triumph 190 bay w/ BF135 honda.Fish 307 is rigging it with 2 Scottie propak 1116s along w depth raider and lowrance fishfinder. Just trying to pic up as much Knowledge and tips as I can so hopefully I can start fishing Lake O myself instead of hiring a charter several times a year :? Alot to learn and a whole lot of tackle to buy. Great website guys.
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