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  1. Fished dawn to 5pm yesterday west of chute 150-320 fow did 1 King 19# 1 10#s and a small laker feel pretty beat up today both kings came on white green dot paddle with white fly 220 on wire dipsey screen was blank all day
  2. I like that in 53 yrs never got seasick till last summer luckily cell was dead. So crew could not get pics but we stayed out If Capt can fish through it crew can
  3. Preset leadcore setups so you can hook to backing
  4. Use it to your advantage to widen your spread
  5. I run a 2008 Honda 135 the 115 /135/150 are all the same block this weekend the hour meter hit 2500 hrs with regular service (oil changes and water separator) this motor has run flawless from single digit temps in Jan to 90 deg in aug .I also believe it is as quiet 4 stroke as you will find I know Honda is a few more dollars but worth every penny in my book
  6. After disputing my credit card I recieved a reply the next day and recieved my order sat with a couple extra spoons
  7. I ordered on 4/26 have sent 3 emails and called 6 times with no response I just disputed the charge on my credit card. Not a way to run a business
  8. the fish absolutely gorge themselves cause they can see the bait more clearly with the moonlight. I believe the above says it all . A full moon is always a tough bite unless fishin eyes middle of summer midday on a full moon then it produces
  9. Call fish 307 monday morn and ask for mike
  10. Ran the spoon die cut on an old stinger Saturday morn picked up our first brown of the day on Mexico bay
  11. Good/Great info there no need for riggers for another month or more
  12. Checkout Fishmaster. I have had mine for 8 years and love it
  13. Have to agree broke the bills off a couple in less than 8' on 100' leads
  14. I run a pair of Interstates with mine get 7-8 hours trolling 1.2mph first set lasted 5 years
  15. I always wondered how much was in the piping of the pump and fill hose. I treat all my gas with startron and have not had a problem using gas with ethenol as long as I am religious with treatment
  16. Capt what rod holders are you running on those scottys nice fish for the east in spring
  17. Am I missing something I really do not care about Bluetooth or surface speed I do want to know my probe depth though with blowback.My understanding is the x4 does not give depth as the x4d does
  18. I found this link in d thread on best price as I am looking also when you add to cart it says $695 + shipping http://www.waypointent.com/FishHawk_1.html I will be watching to see if anyone comes up with better price as one will be on my boat this spring
  19. I thought I was the only one that that happens to
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