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  1. They don't come any better than Hank
  2. They used the rip rap to line the banks of the new Harbor. I loaded a lot of it and glad it's over till the next job
  3. Hank if you don't sell them let me know ill take them Sent from my SGH-S959G using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. he will be very happy with it I'm sure, I know i love mine
  5. I looked at this Boat when it was for sale in Wilson but was a few days short with the money and it sold om me, but it is a nice Boat and was Surveyed back in 4/2011 and i still have a copy of the survey
  6. I would say talk to (Hank) L&M Marine Repair on Port Bay he is the best and very trustworthy and Affordable and an all around great guy to deal with. If you send him a PM he will Probably get back to you fast
  7. Thanks for the update Chris, I need to get 3 more counters for mine bought 2 last summer and they were $30. each Please let us know when they are ready for Bussiness if they tell you
  8. Give them a call they are very nice People to deal with and very fast shipping http://www.proos.com/#!__contact-us
  9. due to change of plans I can't make it this time.
  10. Brian I just got a Letter today from N.Y.S Department of Health for the same thing, it said the test will be done at a Local Health center and you will be given a 75 dollar gift card for participating is that the same one you got.
  11. Happy Birthday Glenn!!! hope you have a good one
  12. Great Video Rob, Ya got to love them nice calm evnings also the Video would not play for me so i had to click on the youtube tab to watch it if anyone else has a prob with it
  13. sure gets the blood flowing
  14. Mark (skipper19) Bought himself a new truck so he could get the loads there faster and return home in no time at all so he has more time to Fish this year
  15. Thanks Rob!!! I thought I had the Bug to go but now I really got it BAD
  16. Here's a link for you it will be on the bottom half of the page http://calumetmarine.3dcartstores.com/S ... _c_21.html
  17. Cliff they are called Clippers and here is a link, you can get them at many local places too and the guy that makes and sells them lives in Sodus. http://amishoutfitters.com/catalog/inde ... ucts_id=18
  18. These work nice http://www.basspro.com/Black&39;s-Marin ... uct/58713/ .
  19. here's a link http://store-7f951.mybigcommerce.com/fi ... 4d-system/
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