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  1. I think if you want to soften your ride you may want to try Trim Tabs or a Hydrofoil . Good Luck JT Found this about props. A 4 blade propeller has more blade area than a 3. This increased blade area will provide better maneuverability on the low end. A 4 blade propeller will generally handle weight variations less noticeably than a 3. A 4 blade propeller will generally come "out of the hole" better. A 4 blade will run harmonically quieter than a 3. Because of the extra drag caused by the 4th blade, a 4 bladed propeller will be slower on the top end than a 3. A four blade propeller will have to be smaller in diameter, pitch, or cup to achieve same rpm's as a 3 blade.
  2. I added a Yamaha 8 Hp High Thurst this year . Great motor ! I fish solo a lot and can't imagine not have the controls at the helm . Fishing Lake O between the wind and current you'll always be adjusting the speed . Good Luck ! JT
  3. http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/cms/index ... e&Itemid=1 Some interesting reading on oil if your bored. I always try to run an oil with a FC-W rating.
  4. Hi ! I had a boat with the drain hose and it works but very slow even with the oil warm . I like using a Moeller extractor and it's great for a bunch of differant uses . I just used it to prime my fuel system after I change my water seperator filter because I was having a hard time drawing the fuel up with the primer ball. http://www.moellermarine.com/aftermarke ... xtractors/ Good Luck ! JT
  5. Went fishing wed afternoon up the river . Thought we would try something different so we rigged one side of the boat for walleye's and the other for kings . We were trolling just past the old Spirit of Roch enjoying the graffiti on the side of it when one of the walleye rods fired . My buddy thought he had a pike or a drum on the line ,but after chasing him up and down the river with the boat because he was spooling the the light rod with 12#line with a fat 'A' we netted a nice 27# king . Fished a bit more up the river marking a lot of fish but no hits. Went to the mouth of the river and had 3 rip a NBK but they never hooked up . Was a fun night and Chet caught one of his biggest Kings on a bass plug and 12# line. (I think his arms still hurt today)
  6. Nice catch !! Where abouts on the river are you fishing ? JT
  7. Wal-mart sells resin in quart cans in their auto department. Worked good for me . They also sell truck bedliner in gallons , wonder how that would work for a boat floor. Good Luck !
  8. Ditto on the 2 units . I have a 5" Raymarine FF and a 5" Garmin Plotter love the setup. JT
  9. 2- 10 lbs weights for sale, $30.00 for the pair. Pick up in Greece or Sodus call 585-233-0411
  10. Hi ! Need 2 -12# downrigger weights . Rochester or Sodus area would be best. Thanks JT
  11. I have a Deka Marine starting battery bought new on 09/09 ( $99.99) asking $45.00 JT 585-233-0411
  12. Chris , what kind and size swivel are you using ? Thanks JT
  13. Chris , I think we were typing at the same time. I have heard people say they don't like to use a swivel because the copper can't flex like when tied directly to the line and will break at the swivel. Have you ever had this problem ? Thanks JT
  14. Gambler , Intresting !! What kind of knot would you tie on the mono side ? Thanks JT P.S. bought my copper and reel from Atommik . Great Service !!!!
  15. I'm pretty sure I'm tying right . It seems when the knot goes throught the rod guide and reel the mono tag end gets pushed back through the loop in the copper . Maybe my loop on the copper need be smaller ? Thanks !!!
  16. I am tying an albright knot on copper to mono rig. The tag end of the mono tends to loosen up and come untied. Is there a trick to keep this from happening ? Thanks JT
  17. Jeff ,looks Great !!! Can't tell by looking at your picture ,but if you don't have the end caps you might want to get some . Once in a while the knobs on the my rigger mounts come loose and the stop keeps it from sliding out the end of the track when fishing or trailering. Good Luck ! JT
  18. HI ! I am using an Off Shore side planner SST it's the larger orange ones . I use them them to pull my 300' copper and they do a pretty good job . But the front of the board is always out of the water from the weight of the copper pulling the rear down. I was wondering if anyone has played around with the weight on the board. It's not really adjustable but I know there are some pretty crafty folks out there who may have found a way to make them track a little better. Thanks for any info ! JT
  19. Hi ! Want to give Sandy a try . With the water a bit low are there any do's or don'ts launching there . Will be my first time there. Thanks for any info JT
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