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  1. Here's one I got a few years back when Russell Station was open... 15 lbs. and 33 in. long!!!
  2. That would have been a nice one for a FLTA weigh in!!!
  3. Glad you guys enjoyed the show...pretty good crowd today with lots of stuff to choose from...pass the word and come back next year...always the last Sunday in March...a big thanks to all from the Finger Lakes Trollers Association...see you all next year!!!
  4. Shore ice is lookin alittle iffy...had a buddy out ice boating with his sister today!!!
  5. troutman

    Keuka Lake

    Sorry to report, just traveled to penn yan today from h'port...unsafe ice is setting up about half way to the bluff...there was a lone fisherman fishing just off the park in penn yan...dangerous to go out by yourself!!!
  6. troutman

    Keuka Lake

    It will be a long time before ice sets up where the lakets are!!!
  7. New this year Brad...you missed a hell-of-a-day last tournament!
  8. John, great story and great catch...congratulations. I find it quite funny that an old friend of mine, here in Bath, just happens to be your co-worker (Skip)!!!
  9. Yates County Sheriff's Office has closed Keuka Lake to all motorized boats, until levels subside.
  10. Was over there working today and went by the launch in Woodville...water was still half-way across the parking lot!!!
  11. Mike, great job on the web page and keeping us all informed with what's goin on with the club news...good to see this up- to-date...keep up the good work...MD
  12. Beautiful fish...welcome to the club pal!!!
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