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  1. i had two follows in the harbor this past wed. one was around ten am in front of the big ship slip with the two "jack stands" in the middle of it. the other was on the lake side of the wall in front of the river mouth. that was around 1pm. sorry about the descriptions of the spots, i don't know the harbour very well. half the time when i head there i miss the last turn off exit7 and end up touring the ghetto. then i give up and go to chataqua. now i have a garmin and i still missed it. but the garmin gets me back now.
  2. you may not know this but the canal system is loaded with pike. there are a lot of good spots,especially any of the spillways. wherever there is fast water there are pike in the nearest slack water. ganargua creek from palmyra to newark is good as is the aquaduct at lock 29 in palmyra,behind mobil in macedon,mud mills in newark. there are tons of pike behind garlocks in palmyra,you need a canoe or kayak to get there. launch at swift's landing park in palmyra and paddle up red creek. or go from swift's to newark;the fishing can be great. walleyes as well. the widewaters between palmyra and newark are good too,though mostly for bass. there is a decent launch on 31 just east of newark. i live on the canal and have picked it apart for years. i caught 2 pike at swifts on the way to work friday,in my white shirt and tie. i just lowered a spinnerbait into the current from the cement wall and let the current work it for me. it's something to do when you don't want to take the boat out.
  3. i got in and out yesterday by myself. it's low but doable. if you have someone with you you'll be fine
  4. thanks,did not know that and i live on the canal.
  5. i have tried otisco a few times and been totaly blanked. i go to lake durant every year cause wife loves the adks. i have fished every inch of that one several times and nada. cannadarago is worth a try, i caught a decent one there a few years ago. plus there are enough pickeral to keep you awake. cross lake is good except the launch is only for residents. you have to put in the canal and go 7 miles at no wake speed.
  6. i released this one today at 12:45. i caught it in 10' of water right in front of chataqua marine on a rabid squirrl walleye spinnerbait. i had one other follow earlier in the same spot. bad photo,i need a better camera or a brain. i owe capt. larry for this one. i was gonna go to waneta until i read on larry's site there was a casting bite on. thanks and hope you're well.
  7. docks are gone but there is still enough water to get in alone if it's not windy. you might want to take your boots. the detour is over.
  8. I sure know nothing about the tigers there. I get a lot of nice pike trying,though. The tigers I have caught have all been small,30" and under. I had a bigger one follow once,maaaaybe 40",but they all look bigger in the water. I can't say about trolling as I never do. For what it's worth I have caught 2 on the same bait,a brown haired ghostail with a gold blade. My boat is a white champion.
  9. i could only fish a half day today. we got a couple in front of kozackas' place. mine was bigger but kevin is better looking than me. docks are out,so is the detour.
  10. by the way,i release everything and all my hooks are barbless. if you want to eat fish go to red lobster.
  11. i got this wired now. who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? notice how pics of the average fish come out good and i butcher the good ones? like i said,i'll do better next week.
  12. at last! i have uploaded a photo! that's my knee and about a foot of the 44"er. gotta work on the auto timer thing. to rip and pause a bucktail you pull as hard as you can til you're outta room. the bait pauses as you reel in the slack and get the rod back to a regular position. i'll get a better pic next week. this technology stuff is hard.
  13. i went back yesterday. i stung a bunch of them but only boated two pike. one of them was 40" and well fed. one of these days i will get my wife to show me how to post a pic. i am just too old school to figure it out. i also caught a huge largemouth right at the launch. biggest bass i have ever caught;put a full bend in my 8' musky rod!
  14. i caught and released 5 nice pike there on 10/8,no muskies. the biggest was 44" and heavy. when i fish there i stay on the drop-offs and cast the edges. i can always get bit from the launch to the first point south. rip and pause was working for me that day,with all the hits on the pause. i was throwing a walleye/gold double rabid squirrl bucktail
  15. launch at severine point and fish north to the next point,along the weed edges.repeat. seneca has ultra clear water so sunshine is bad there. first and last light are key times there. i use big baits there to try to aviod the little ones;there's a lot of them. musky size bucktails work well in black/nickle and walleye/gold. when the water gets to 50 a fluttering spoon will work better
  16. i was playing with my aqua view wed am around 9. off the point near kozakas place in 15 feet i saw a LOT of walleyes. i'm a pike guy so i didn't bother them,just passing it on.
  17. i have done real well in eel bay. because it's shallow and clear it's a first and last light bite. I would go with the trusty nickle red-eye wobbler or a big bucktail
  18. i have been there the past two wednesdays. some follows each day along the west side but nothin in the boat. fish first and last light and hope its your day.
  19. i have been there twice so far. lots of followers,not many hits. if only it could be september all year.
  20. my two cents...the pike fishing at sodus peaked around 2000 and has been in decline since. i could catch ten a day then and now i am lucky to get two. fisheries change over the years but i am no scientist so i don't know why. for numbers of pike fish seneca,for big fish i like conesus,except for the crowded summer months.
  21. everything nitromusky said is right on. pray for rain to keep the crowd down that time of year. you should book early for that week at webb's.
  22. just got back from the inlet. lots of walleyes today. saw one nice pike at the dam.
  23. since my anything that floats days i've owned an aluminum tracker,and an aluminum lund. both are fine boats but both floors rotted out after 6 and 7 years,respectivly.now i own a fiberglass champion v-hull. it rides and tows about the same as the tin boats. i only picked glass so i wouldn't have to replace another floor.just my two cents. ps;if your boat and truck payments are more than your mortgage....you might be a redneck.
  24. it's the same old story,the state overspends and needs more money. if it was to support stocking why is there no muskie or walleye stamp? next year,i guess. if they just raised all the license fees i would just pay it and keep quiet. BUT THEY CAN"T EVEN TAX US WITHOUT WASTING MONEY. think about this...with a stamp they first have to pay someone for artwork. probably some official's relative. then they have to print them,distribute and moniter them,and collect the unused stamps at the end of the season. they will spend half of the stamp revenue on the stamp program. the trout stamp is nearly as dumb as the obesity tax on pop. i own a supermarket and now hear this; a third of the pop i sell is paid for with food stamps. when you pay for pop with food stamps you don't pay ANY taxes. so if you work all day and want a coke on the way home,ante up 18%. if you sit around all day watching maury you get free food stamp pop tax free. obesity tax or another shakedown of the working stiff? i,for one will cheat like heck on my taxes this year.
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