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  1. I spoke with a friend that fished Oswego this past weekend and he said they were terrible! Tom
  2. Thanks a bunch Salmonite...I'll forward the info Tom
  3. Beautiful Brown Ed...pretty fish! Tom
  4. Got some pictures Todd..? I have a buddy that just blew his motor Tom
  5. Chas, I would dare to say that Arneys doesn't check back to often...or I maybe wrong I was looking at some of there old posts and here's their phone # probably best to call them. 315 483 9111 Tom
  6. Its always good to get away from the hustle and bustle Mark thats for sure great pictures! Glad you got into some fish. Welcome to the world of lake ontario fishing Doug Tom
  7. Wow Mike just sent me the picture Kurt holy shikes!!! Congrats Kurt, Brian and Keith! What a fish! Tom
  8. I have a friend looking for a 8 to 10 horse 4 stroke long shaft motor. Shoot me a reply if you have one you'd like to sell. Tom
  9. tcon

    channel cats

    Kappy, I asked the same question once about using cut bait...small sunfish in particular and was told as long as you catch them in the body of water you are fishing your legal...you may NOT transport though. I have a golf course in my back yard thats full of little sunfish...but no go . Tom
  10. Well said Mike...I purchased stuff from HVS at a couple of the shows, the outdoor show in Bath and at FLTA show in Watkins seem like very nice folks for sure. Tom
  11. People say that lakers don't fight that well but I would dare to say that anything 23lbs even a log would be a fun battle... WTG Brian can't wait to see the pictures. Tom
  12. Welcome aboard Jim very familiar with Canandaigua I work out of Rushville...Lots of great people on this site that fish the Canan. Tom
  13. I was enlightened this moring while reading the D&C when I found out the word F-Bomb made the dictionary Just thought I would open a thread on this one Ray-K Skipper surely you can run with this one... Tom
  14. If you bring up the NOAA weather page and then scroll down to the little map of the area you are searching for then hover of the map and drag it until you are out in the lake and then click on the lake it will give you the wave forecast...just a warning as stated above its not often to accurate here's the link...http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.ph ... it=0&lg=en http://graphical.weather.gov/sectors/bufMarineWeek.php<-----------Here's another one. Tom
  15. Put it this way the lake has never been as predicted in all the times I have been on it...south wind is the best if you want calm...10mph or more you could probably still get quite a ways out on the lake before it got choppy anything out of the north, west or east more than 10mph steady would have it rolling pretty good for a smaller boat. There are some buoy websites you can go to that give you real time information maybe one of the Seasoned verterans can chime in with a link. Good luck out there and as always be careful. Tom
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