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  1. Here is what I did......
  2. Definity cheap buffer and compound is the way to go.
  3. First guys dont compare your heavy fiberglass boats to the alum Starcraft, they are effected quickly buy wind and waves, the problem with all autopilots on them is the speed they respond. I have had 6 starcrafts so im fairly sure of what im saying. Its not necessarily a bad thing but its different than a heavy fiberglass boat, and this is one of there negatives. In much over 2 footers you need the main outdrive as a rudder as well as the kicker, this sort of calm things down a bit. Once you get into the 3 footers to keep a near perfect line if there is any wind your going to need your main outdrive running as well or instead when going into the wind. So I don't think just steering the kicker will work like you think. I have a 26 footer now, and use the raymarien auto pilot with a bar to the kicker. I will say with certainty that it needs the rudder of the main outdrive 80% of the time, and when the wind is blowing I just use my main to troll when the wind starts playing with my course, and then its not always very good, most of the time your left to hand controlling the boat. A gust of wind can just effect the boat to much to quick for the electronics to compensate for.
  4. L and M is right on, good advice.
  5. Hey congrats! great job, gorgeous duck!
  6. They are only worth what some one Will actually give you for them!
  7. Welcome aboard and good fishing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app PKomrowski
  8. Knight disk rifle is what you want. It's easy to use and the disk/primer is captured by the bolt. Do yourself a favor and switch to blackhorn powder all the good things said about it are more than true! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app PKomrowski
  9. that is definitely the gimble symptoms..
  10. small boat gave you the right advice... Its not a big deal unless you ignore it..
  11. Here is a great source that some of you may scoff at. The prices will seem so cheap you will think they are not very good. They are made for the professional butcher, the guy who does it for a living and beats them up. They hold an edge great as they have very good steel in them, they have good flexibility as well. Check them out at the http://www.sausagemaker.com/. I have no affiliation with them but as a customer. They work as good as my $220. Global fily knife! Look at the Mundial 12" Cimeter Knife, the mundial knifes are the ones I'm referring to.
  12. Yes changed out to LED on the side.
  13. Have you checked to see if the cooling water is coming out the vent like its suppose to? They do have a safety that shuts them down if they are overheating, no fixing gas issues will fix this. No on has asked you yet so are you getting cold water circulation?
  14. How big is your boat, I live north of Fulton near the airport.
  15. That's what I did... expensive but nice..
  16. Knotlost

    bow spirt

    anchor set up for 26 foot starcraft
  17. Your fuel pump should easily get the fuel up fairly fast, I would want to check your fuel pressure at the carb, it sounds like you have another problem. I would take a good fuel pump maybe 15 seconds of cranking at the most to fill a filter, and the carb bowl and start the motor completely dry.
  18. I fix props all the time, so take this for what its worth, you have an alum prop, its very inexpensive so remember that. A prob dude will charge more than that prop is worth to fix it. Take it off and use a solid backer and a block of wood, and a hammer and gently and slowly shape it back. You will be surprised at how easy it is to do, and if you screw it up remember the first sentence.... But seriously that would be very easy to bend back into shape with a little hammering, then file off the bur and your good to go.
  19. Yuck. Sorry almost no one sticks with them. Try it and you will see, they work kinda but are a pain.
  20. Don't use treated, it will give you problems. They sell a special project plywood that's made for exterior and is 1/2 5ply or 3/4-7 ply that's great at lowes. It's almost as good as marine. It's 1/2 the price though. You need nothing extra to secure the pedestal in 3/4 I have done many with good SS wood screws. Install the pedestal and drill the pilot hole so you don't just crush the wood fibers then remove each screw and saturate each hole with a thin epoxy and reinstall the screws. It will out last you.
  21. A set of used electric you will not regret.
  22. Boards dont aways work pretty. But if its always sideways move your connection forward a little bit at a time. Dual boards work better because they are more forgiving, (read harder for dumb fishermen to screw up) single boards need to be made spot on or they dont pull right in good conditions. No board works best, in my opinion, there function is mundane, if they go out and stay out they do there job. There are great directions on this site for a set of dual boards but be warned they are not much cheaper than buying a set when all the cost's are figured in. Some times some boards do work when other don't as good, but they all have down sides. Good boards will have there moments when they dont work like you wished they did. What your looking for is for them to get out away from the boat, no matter how ugly they do it. Depending on the, wind, current, speed of your boat, waves, direction your going, width of your boat, how high your pulleys are, weight of your boards, where your connected to the boards, if you have any shock absorbing and how ugly your first mate is will make a difference on how the boards pull. You can spend a lot of time worrying about it, but don't, just go out and do it for a couple of years with what you have, you will learn what i'm talking about. Any time someone tells you "something" works better than "something" else its normally dependant on a dozen other things as well. If your board can get out away from the boat about 30 to 50 feet you have a starting point. Then you will "discover" that one board doesn't work as good as the other because of the the things listed above, and nothing will fix that. But magically you turn around and head the other way, and the other one doesn't work as good and the one that wasn't working is working great.
  23. That tinny is narrow, on big O it will be a rockey one. Thats the downfall of it, but if you like that boat, look for a 26 foot starcraft, they are almost the same hull but 12" wider that that one, and for a fraction of the price.
  24. Had a slow day, not a fish in the boat. We marked a few, but not many, and they were small marks at that. Tried a variety of lures but couldn't buy a hit. Was a little wavy with 4' rollers, and cool temps if your out in the wind it would be brutal. Not missing nothing yet if your not fishing.
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