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  1. have you got exact gps on where you lost the stuff? I could look into getting it back for you... Im a tec diver but would need real good location. Email me at [email protected] Paul
  2. Where did you get the comprop? I dont see a way to get it direct?
  3. Alum is the way to go, ss is faster, by a few % but not even close to worth it for a fisherman. Hammer out the dent with a ball peen hammer very carefully, you will be surprised at what you can fix if you have a little black smith in you.... Unless you loose a piece out of it the prop will still be ballaced and you get it straightened out. I don't think many guys even try to fix them as they are afraid of wrecking a wrecked prop? Even a small break isn't a big deal on a fishing boat prop, at it can be welded. I have a duck boat that I have rewelded the prop 12 x and its still working like a charm.. They do weld easy as well.
  4. Im wanting to add dipsys off the corners to add to my spread, I was told wire is way easier and simple, where copper you need real big reels and is much harder? What are your opinions, please only if you have used both. Naturally if you have only used one or the other you will prefer it, I would really like to know the pros and cons before i buy into a set.
  5. You are so lucky, good fishing and a chance to get into a brawl! Wow now that's a day! I wish it were me .....
  6. Chowder, I have the same boat, how are you hooking up the stearing?? Let me know when you figure it out...
  7. What is the right way to attach the spoon, I have heard that if on a swivel it will act wrong, others say you need a split ring on the spoons that dont have them, and still others say always tie right to what ever the company has supplied the spoon with, tie to the ring if it has a ring or tie to the spoon if there is just a hole... whats the scoop?
  8. What is a Junk line? What are cheaters that you adding to the 2 rigger rods? Sorry Just starting out as well..
  9. I would like to know how to fish with copper wire. I understand you need a good real with 600 feet? of copper wire, and some wires are better than others. You also use dipsy divers with a spin doc, or smart fish ect then spoons or flys. Is there an article on doing it some where that can fill in the details, or can some one post some more details or corrections to my assumptions..
  10. Oswego is real nice has good facility's if your staying on the boat.
  11. I used to scuba dive up there 2x a week, one time i was at about 20 feed drifting down a channel after a big dive (I was on deco) and looking down I saw this fish below me (directly over it in crystal clear water) about 12 feet, and said to my self WOW THAT THING IS LONGER THAN ME AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S A TIGER MUSKY AND HAS STRIPES AND A HEAD LIKE A TIGER MUSKY and in a blink of an eye it was gone. I'm 6 feet tall by the way. There are some huge fish in there, and the sturgeon are coming back fairly quickly.
  12. No there is no advantage to rotating tires on a trailer unless you have a particular problem. I have worked the trailer industry for quite a while, and there is nothing to indicate it helps the tire, but it can give YOU a warm fuzzy feeling if you do. Trailer tires are not car tires and they do not behave like car tires, as they do not wear out normal due to use but sitting in the sun and dry rotting. If you have bad wear problems you probably have shackles that need attention, but remember trailer tires will wear out much faster than car tires that's normal (referring to mileage driven on them) . Keep the air pressure in them and run them till you don't like the looks from checking or wear, then replace as needed. And yes lubing the wheel studs with never seize is a standard practice and will not cause them to loosen up if tightened properly.
  13. If you cant find it let me know, I just bought one, I will get the part number for you.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, im a local and live close by.
  15. now the new fish finders and sounders from humming bird have an option of being weather capable, sounds like what you want.
  16. you can get the one you need from napa, they need to look up the solenoid valve for an older 1978 ish ford van .....
  17. I was fishing (trolling) with side planers, 2 lines out on each, way out nice, and using good stick bait, 3 different types and a spoon. 2 poles had 25# test big game, and the other 2 had 17#BG, 3 had snap clips right at the lure one 17# was tied directly to lure. We caught 1 brown . He was caught on the pole with 17# directly tied off to the line. Others out fishing at the same time, in the same places caught 20 some caught 10, so I'm frustrated! Here is what im guessing... Correct me if you think im wrong, I need to use fluorocarbon leaders (maybe 12#) on all the poles and direct tie to the lures loosing the extra hardware on the lines, so they are clean.. What is the best knot to joing the two lines together, and what knot to tie floro off to lures? The same knots as mono? Thanks for your help.
  18. Sorry if this seems ignorant but it is. I cant find it in the regs? Where are the limits on poles and lines? What are they. This is my first year fishing out of a boat for them. And thank you for you answers, I did try to find it but cant seem to.
  19. I love the starcrafts, an aluminum boat lasts forever relitive to fiberglass and you can do so much with them. Great boat..
  20. Hi everyone, Im not new to the lake by any means, as I have been a Tec Scuba diver for years. I have dove most of the wrecks in the lake but now im getting older and not diving so much, so my boat has been just sitting on the trailer for the last 3 years doing nothing. So I decided to put it to use, its a "totally rebuilt, including a re manufactured straight 6 motor 22' starcraft Islander". Hence the name "Dive Wench" I couldn't name her after my wife as she said the boats stern was to big. So I have outfitted her with 4 downriggers and a nice humminbird 788 and am going to try to get some trout and salmon. Its good to find this group...
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