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  1. Normally they handle it fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. You got a good buy. Your motor is way better than any outboard in my opinion. Probably an easy fix. Putting an outboard on it is going backwards in a big way. Winterizing it is a breeze once you learn how. You can’t just put a outboard on either as it would be a total redesign and rebuild. And you end up with a inferior setup. I have rebuilt six of these Starcraft of all different sizes. Check out knotlost.net to see the 26 footer I’m using now. Those 4 cyl are amazing motors run forever easy to maintain and repair, quite and use little fuel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Different boat freeboard height will change the way you net as will the size of the fish and how much gas he has in the tank. But a big part is proper pole work and every charter captain knows exactly what I'm talking about. Keep the line angle steep when netting and magically many of those issues will go away. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. He is aware there was issues. He has a new manufacturer of hooks he used. Give him a call he will explain it and help you. Problem is with quality control at owner hooks I think. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. it's an 03 so it's most likely fine. Put the water pump in it and run it i bet you will find it did not hurt it a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. What is the year? Most likely it's fine as they have great safety built in. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. I would get an autopilot as well if I were in your shoes. I would consider on what brand to buy, look at what chartplotter/sonar you may be getting in the future.. If you liking say the raymarine stuff look at there autopilots, etc although most play together pretty good nothing works as good as matching components.
  8. Nothing works good in rough lake conditions, not even human steering Your not going to fix that problem, rethink what you want from a prospective of good conditions to make your decision. The intellisteer for a 19 foot seem a bit silly to me as your never far from the helm, a simple wheel break would work much cheaper, but that really depends on your fishing style. Where an autopilot is working when you need it the most, and thats when you are busy and dont have the time to screw with turning the helm (landing or netting the fish).
  9. Because when trolling, (using a kicker) the main is off, there isn't power to the steering as most are power assisted cable, so the auto pilot has to turn the main, and the kicker manually, and its alot for the auto pilots. If is just cable with no power assist its still hard enough so that it wears heavy on the auto pilot. That's why so many quit making them as they couldn't keep them from burning out.
  10. Seagulls were in by the thousands it was like a horror movie. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. You will be better off to convert to hydraulic steering now. You're going to burn out any auto pilot you put on there. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Wow they are big, most go with two board, as storing them is a pain.
  13. save your self some doe, use the stuff at lowes that got the funny name Arauco ply. It has same ply, glue and filled as marine, I cut a piece and boiled for 20 mins and it was perfect, so its as good anyway.
  14. The right prop will not give you speed but tork. Most kicker props will max out at 3/4 throttle (in speed), an aggressive pitch will just slip unless there is lots of blade, so having said that evaluate what you have and what your looking at. You want a big blade, lots of surface aria, then pitch is last in importance. Some of the props out there have small blade surfaces so you need to really look at it and take some measurements. Its as much an art as it is science because there are so many variables with each boat and set up. What your describing sounds right to me, I wouldn't waist money on it, as it works and works good. Its very hard to fish in 6' seas so moving the boat like yours dose is very good. PK
  15. They may be pricy but I never heard anyone that spent the money regret it. They are so worth it...
  16. Best deal on boat stands around, they are very nice as well http://www.hostarmarine.com/stands/powerboat-stands.html
  17. sounds like it needs re-commissioning...
  18. And regardless of the fact your a USCG Master or not your held to the USCG Rules of the road, not inland lakes on Lake Ontario, and most of the other lakes because of the canal system. Keep in mind they cant just be pissing you off, it has to be real danger of collision. Many people think they own the lake, and the first 1/2 mile around them, that's not so. Some one passing you safely can be fairly close in good weather and light winds, without presenting any danger to you (speed dependant as well). In rivers people pass all the time at 20 to 50 yards with no issues, your planer boards are not part of your boat regardless how you feel. I see a lot of guys get mad about stuff that's not dangerous it just pisses them off. We all screw up, and have stuff screw up (like kicker control arms sliding all the way out and getting right in the way of the guy behind me, cause the dam boat didn't steer) and need to remember we are having fun together.
  19. Prop Shop east of oswego is a great place as well.
  20. If you are the stand on vessel and a sail boat threatens your safety by irresponsible and dangerous boating, then IMMEDIATELY get on the radio and report him to the coast guard. Give as much info as possible and record it with video. The fines are huge! Even if no collision took place near misses are treated very seriously, and boater (like one of the posters that do not know the rules of the road) find out the hard way no one cares about ethics, or your misguided thoughts. Its rules that must be followed. I dont care if your nice or have ethics just so long as you follow the rules I can predict what your going to do and we are all safe.
  21. Yup transducer. But befor you buy one contact them. They had s bad batch and replace them for free.
  22. It looks to me that the browns have changed there diet over to gobies. All the ones I catch are loaded, with them. Sometime they have 5 or 6 in there bellys and still feeding. That takes pressure off the alwives and smelt to some degree I would think, and all fish have a certain ability to adapt. A Lot of guessing and not much know going on.
  23. Like mentioned back to back uni works great.
  24. You run the copper and the lead core together they have a love affair and always want to intertwine. It's amazing I mean the are like horny teenagers underwater.
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