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  1. You will love it. Remember the batteries. Ours starts to blink the second week of August every year. Sent from my A571VL using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. John, this is a guess. The white section of the transom is a live well. That boat is made for salt. It also looks like the column where its mounted is the hinge for the tuna door. Im going by the pics.
  3. We made due with two blacks the first year. Then added one or two at a time. Like everything on the boat the best gear is the stuff that lasts. We use 14 blacks releases every trip and never had one break.Biggest plus, the blacks slide down to the boards fast.
  4. Thats all we use. We keep 5 on the main line on both sides and use a dog clip to hold in place. Rubber bands to the blacks make for a smooth release.
  5. The hawk. Costomer service is outstanding. No problem seeing it from the back of the boat. No cable. Drop it and go.
  6. Fleas started showing up last week. It wont be long. Leader knotts and swivel knots are the problem spots. Fleas will slide easy on wires.
  7. I have more pressure on my rigger rods than my coppers.
  8. Its the trial and lots of errors that'll kill ya.$$$$$
  9. Not even big enough to enter in the LOC on bigO. We are spoiled.
  10. Play with all your settings for a couple trips before moving your ducer.
  11. Good advise. Okuma glts have the metal guides for less. They hold up well. $25 give or take. Rollers are great, twilley tips are much cheaper and will get the job done.
  12. Blacks inline with rubberbands. Work great and adjustable.
  13. How many batteries are you running. How old are they? Have you load tested them?
  14. Fun on slow days when you have time to see how many lines you can get in the water. When the fish are on, working flasher/fly colors and leader lengths at different sizes is a lot more productive. This spring has been a heavy spoon bite. Give em what they want.
  15. Humming bird units are cheep and accurate.
  16. Its gotta be a yacht club buoy. You know those sail jockeys, always in the way.
  17. As loose as you can get it and hope you dont need it. It shouldnt slip while fishing.
  18. GillT the noaa is off the hook. They have one near the mouth (green can). One in olcott. Four mile is clean.
  19. Its better and cheaper than drugs, women, and golf.
  20. I get credit for the find, right? That would be cool.
  21. Fishin buddys got a friend works for the border patrol. Gonna try to get him to check it if hes in the area, with their electronics. Im very interested to know what they might see. I hope noaa is smarter than that. Id be more inclined to believe its a bouy that got blown out.
  22. If its 16' down in 200FOW Id like to meet the guy that put it there.
  23. Thats what I was leaning toward by the way it was acting. I know they put sail boat bueys around that area. Keep those cluches loose. You never know.
  24. Talked to mike at warrior. The marks are on the blanks. No split rings. He never painted those colors. Keep trying.
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