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  1. I didnt mark it on the gps. We were a quarter to half mile east of four mile creek on the gps in 206'
  2. We were a little distracted in the heat of the moment. I looked quickly and there were strange horizonal lines on the screen. Like we were tracking our downrigger balls. It was a mess. The boat came to a quick stop. I had a hold of the rigger. My buddy tried reverse. That was a no go. I loosened the clutch on the rigger. At this point two long lines were straight down collecting mussels. Port board was on starbord side and vica versa. We did set a personal record for break down time. I do not know what it was. Whats driving me crazy is it was staitionary. We 've been hung on some huge floaters over the years. This was very different. The boat was stopped. After cleaning up the gear my counter was out to 80'. I hand over hand rolled it up to 16' and that was it. The wire angle was strait down.
  3. We though about stuff like that. Still 40' down, no movement at all. Over 200'. Thats whats been drivin me crazy.
  4. That never occored to me. A high spot would grab debris and become higher. 55' on the counter goin 3 mph is gotta be in the 40s. Over 206' you dont expect that, Strange feeling.that is further east than we were. Went out a couple days this week and found myself thinking about it...alot. As a side note. Went out sunday after fixing the mount. Everything looked good until my new 14lb shark fell off. The large cannon swivel broke in half. Cant win em all.
  5. We were trollin the bar last week about a half mile east of four mile. We were in 206 FOW when my port rigger, down 55' grabbed something. The swivel mount broke the lock pin with the impact. Boat to nuetral. After cleaning up spread, we were anchored. I was able to work my weight up to 16', then , no more. I let it back out and swung the boom hard left to right. It popped right out. Ive hooked large submerged wood in the past. This was like an anchor line. Any ideas?
  6. We use warriors, I asked mike steffs, the owner that question. His reply was it makes no difference. He uses singles on his own boat. We use the hooks they come with until they get bent up. Then replace with singles. It doesnt take long. I asked why not put singles on from the get go. His answer, they dont sell. Buy a small pack of stainless 3x and put it on a hot spoon. You wont look back. Im talking about standard trolling spoons and mags. They do alot less damage than trebles if you are C/R fishing. Leave the rings on ours. Rings let the hooks move around in the net without bending up the spoons.
  7. Yes, in theory. We mounted masts at the bow over the winter. It didnt work out well. The six feet added alot of hang ups. The main was getting caught up on everything. We moved them back to the front of the hard top. A simple set up without obsticles makes life easier.
  8. Its been an outstanding spring of fishing(see reports). Numbers have been outstanding, weather has been outstanding. On Tuesday (5/26) we had another great day on the water. We launched from the fort and fished the bar. Wet net charters(capt. Matt) was taking a trip and was just ahead of us. Well, he is the only other boat on the water all day. Fishing lake O is always great. Having it all to ourselves was the cherry. Fishing sure seems easy when theres no pressure. KINGS RULE!
  9. Captain bobs in clarence ny east of buffalo is a consinment shop. Last week he had ten manuals sitting. Cannons, penns and a couple im not familiar with. 716 4073021.
  10. The state parks along the lake all have access. Wilson has a large paved area with guard rails. Pike and bass in the am are a great target. I love some top water. Guys out your way should know some good spots.
  11. Bigblue is right. Cut it and move on. You have to take off the wire to remove the spool.
  12. Erie is heating up fast sending warm water down the niagara. Aint spring great!
  13. Landing rates are much higher with singles. That was all I needed. Singles do not have any effect on action. Not on trolling spoons, change over anyone. They are the best with summer steel.
  14. They are close to each other. Wilson saves some gas if you fish the bar.
  15. You're hooked now. Start clearing your calander. For the rest of your life, you will be fishing in may. Or wishing you were. Livin the dream. With the win...new toys.
  16. 15 is very light if you are targeting kings. You can land them, but tackle aint cheep. 20lbmin. I use pline floroclear 30. I dont loose much tackle.
  17. Works best with a pair of 3' flags on each board.
  18. You know some guys run out the boards with nothing on them. Just so others keep a wide birth.
  19. We went through the same thing years ago. The supports made a huge difference. They also develop divets over time that hold them in place.
  20. Get in touch with fish hawk. They were easy to deal with and fixed our issue quick.
  21. Alot to think about. Some great points. I think the most important thing about down speed is that it eliminates variables and promotes consistancy in trolling. We catch more fish now than before we had a fish hawk. Its hard to say that about many of our tools.
  22. There riggers look simple and rock solid. Has anyone used them, feedback welcome.
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