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  1. All of our hot glow spoons are white backs. Thats what we use most of the time these days.
  2. To much ice in lake erie. The fish are gonna be late to the bar. Like stated in previous posts, you aregonna need some shallow water that shoots up to 40 degrees. The genny, port deluse, oak orchard. No fish at the bar til' may. Port deluse is another great option.
  3. They do cruise high. We got two in shallow 40' on sliders. They will hit long lines.
  4. That is true. Rochester has the best spring fishing on earth. I know thats where I would go to catch a trophy king.
  5. Crap, now I'm wondering if my rods have equalibrium. Are my levers functioning satisfactorly? I didnt know what that was. Ignorance is bliss. I do understand now, why i love my 7' fenwich spin rod.
  6. All that being said, we fish from the canadian line to ollcott, spring summer and fall. I would not got without a glow white doctor and a-tom-mik hammer.
  7. Chris, how big a weight do you hook on the snubber.
  8. Try it out on a posterboard. You can hold it up to the back of the boat, cardboard.
  9. The 85 percent ice coverage that has been all over the news refers to all five great lakes, not ontario. Most of the 15 percent thats not covered is lake ontario.
  10. Wow a whole new rabbit hole. I think most of us have thought about building, maybe did one or two. I would need ten years just to carry on a conversation with you john. That is a lot of experience and information. Very few post that I dont have a clue. You have three in one thread. John do you make rods for people or just for personal use?
  11. Spot on with the teenagers, and they travel in packs. Doubles and trips are common. This makes for some of the best days.
  12. Design it yourself and order online. That really opens up the options.
  13. Depending on where you are, there are cb shops that cater to truckers. They can tune a radio and boost power signifacantly. Five mile range goes to twenty five for about $150. Well worth it.
  14. What we really need on lake O is a van dockside handing out checks for kings. Im thinkin say $200 a fish. Now that would make the fish kissers happy. At that rate it would only take about ten years to hit the black.
  15. I had great lakes trees for eight years. We let them go with the old boat. They still looked new. They are hard to beat.
  16. Im going on about four years using the okumas for copper. You cant beat the eyes on those rods. I can not get used to that triangle grip. I think it is the most unnatural butt i have ever used. Except for a couple of girls down south, butt thats another story.
  17. I had a similar problem a few years ago. A great way to avoid people getting card #s is to buy the throw away visa/mastercards. Load what you need for purchase and use up the balance quick. By the time they get your #...nothing there. Its worth the $2s to load it.
  18. The 5lb steelie that hits 1000' copper will be dead before he hits the boat. Not a surprise those are for sale. You know nobody wants to reel that sh¡+ in.
  19. If you want to go that deep, let out a 300' copper, put it on a rigger and send it down another150'
  20. I'll say it. There is no way I'm pullin in 5 or 600' coppers. I run 300' and wouldn't go longer for any reason. Every skipper salmon and 5 lb steelie. I would like to be able use my sholders as I get older. Short coppers? We use lead in the one to ten colors.That covers the shallow, and is much easier to work with. Bought penn 330 and 345s for long lines and they have been great for three seasons.
  21. Sept 7 to the 20th the kings were thick in 100'. They were a full three weeks late, on the bar. The lake flipped on the west end on sept 1. The surface temp from the canadian line to four mile was 34 degrees. Forget 2014 and heres to a quick warm up in march. This is gonna be a great year...KINGS RULE!!!
  22. Salmon prices on are boat are about $700 a pound. I need to stop spending and start fishing.
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