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  1. The ear muffs are all i have used. They work fine. One thing,we found the hard way, your lower unit(impeller) may act fine in the driveway. Hose sends water at pressure that isnt there in the water. Its all pump when you are in the water. That set us back 12 hours one spring. It does let you run the motor.
  2. That sounds real good. I have never heard of a person with murcury poisioning around here. Susi on the other hand claims a number of people yearly. Jeramy pivin. Store bought carries the same risk.
  3. I was just tring to be funny. I spent more than that in miami in four days to see the bills play. Do you run into other groups fishing, or is it just you? Any foul hook stories. Fish that size a foul hook would be like hooking into the bumper of a car. Great stuff captain.
  4. It costs about one season on lake ontario. Stay home with your loved ones this summer and with the money you save, your there. Some should even have enough left over to buy a new car. A small car.
  5. Sounds like you should take a charter. It will advance the learning curve by years.
  6. People have noticed. There eas an article in on the water magizine. They had a whole page of pics of ugly lookin atlantics. Caught by surf casters targeting stripers. They show up, who knows where they come from?
  7. One more reason to fish the oak to Ibay.
  8. Hell-ova lot better than golf. Greens fees. Whats that? Have you seen the clothes. No thaks.
  9. I wish I was there. Twenty more years. I am blessed to fish out of wilson half the year.
  10. Git my heaterbuddy ready cause that water will be chilly second week in april.
  11. Fish usa is in erie pa. North a couple exits up 79 north. It is worth a look. Wilson and ollcott. Cabelas opened in buffalo. Exit 52e off the I90. Walden ave. That should keep you busy.
  12. This thread should be titled Ground Hogs Day.
  13. The electrics all seem to go. Who wants to be stuck at the end of the day? A new manual wont give ya the shaft.
  14. I know alot of captains attend every year. Great place to pick up odds and ends. We get all of our spoons for the year. Hamburg fair grounds.
  15. When tenps go up over 32 for a couple weeks we're ready. Ice boom is our only hitch. Even in the coldest years the ice lets up in less than a week. The lakers are out there and hungry now. May is a great month. Maybe the best, because as the water warms the fish get active. Hungry silver and steele, green and brown. No matter what your partial to, its goin on in may. I have this daydream every day. I'll see ya there.
  16. Am i missing something. The x4d has been out for over a year.
  17. Its better if you dont do the math, easier anyway
  18. A state of the art hatchery at say joe davis state park on the lower niagara.
  19. Yankee, what do you do with the 500' on the other board while you circle the fish. Fox, I was just trying to be funny. Who knew you had so many fans. I loved your response to the "loss of action question".
  20. When you see this in a post, it means wheres the fish, right?
  21. Everything stated is dead on. The fish hawks seem to run about .5mph higher. 2.5-3.3 on our x4 for steelies and kings. 1.2-2.2 for lakers and browns. The books you're refering to were writen before the hawk. General rule subtract .5mph. Good luck.
  22. I've had a king hit my 300' copper with an 8' branch wrapped around the copper. You cant kill the action. On the best day you have fleas before you set the rod. On a bad day you're fighting spring junk. Silver fox, when ever I read your screen name, I'm picturing Walter Matheu. You havin a grumpy oldmen moment?
  23. That would be easy if it was the only problem. Hey that coppers acting funny. You think we are draggin a little one. I dont know?Who wants to check? We have all had this conversation.
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