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  1. Ridiculous pricing along with ridiculous shipping costs.
  2. I'll take the twilli tips and dipsy divers. Will PM you my address.
  3. I'll take the 2 deeper divers. Will need shipping. PM paypal Id to me too. Thanks.
  4. Never heard of them. Send me a phone number. I'll call them
  5. Does that mean Wright's is now complete?
  6. I don't believe that was part of the plan at Wright's Landing.
  7. I'll take these spoons. PM me paypal info. Thanks.
  8. No sorries. All is well my friend. Love to buy my son fishing equipment I get to use. Lmao! Enjoy the Holidays!
  9. I didn't realize you had to pay for those ads. This website can use the dollars though. This is a good website with good people and lots of information. Any luck finding anything? Let me know if you are still looking in the spring.
  10. Since you are asking 45 per lot I will give 135 for them. 45 bucks each lot which is your asking price.
  11. You should post this ad in the buy, sell, boat section. Good luck in your search.
  12. Greg....Also send me 4 of the 15lb ones too. PM the total price. Thanks.
  13. I'll take picture 1 the jointed J 9's. Thanks.
  14. MikeyP

    Sold / Closed Proline 28 express 2006

    Any pics of cockpit and cabin? Thanks.
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