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  1. I will take them if not sold
  2. Why don't you go and launch at one of those businesses and see what happens? Let us know.
  3. The man will never leave office and probably won't be voted out. He and that blowhard NYC mayor were late to the party but they will never admit to it. It was everyone else's fault.
  4. So is Bayside closing? Haven't heard much from that neck of the woods?
  5. Really? Didn't you read Oswego mayor Billy Barlow's press conference. Go to Syracuse.com
  6. It's the main reason why this virus has spread so fast! And there is a Mayor in NYC who was not prepared and dropped the ball.
  7. 10 people! Now how can you stay 6 ft apart with 10 people on a boat? You got wrong info from the state police if that's what they told you! Read about it. Charter boats are grounded as non essential businesses until Cuomo lifts that ban.
  8. Yeah but Wright's will be closed until the middle of July.
  9. I believe DEC said it's also okay to fish from a boat with a family member from the same household.
  10. You don't need them Zeke! Lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. What am I going to do with you Zeke!
  12. Does the boat have air cond. and heat?
  13. You have a message. Check your PM
  14. The gentleman is looking for a freshwater boat? I don't think a boat in Islamorada qualifies?
  15. No worse than you my friend!
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