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  1. I have used Musky's brine many times and skipper is correct about how long you cook (smoke) the fish. If you keep it a little on the dryer side it will keep longer. I like mine more firm and dryer than most so it will keep for quite some time but I also cut each fillet into 4 pieces and freeze everything that I do not want to eat right away and of course use a vaccum sealer. It will gather a little moisture in the freeze and thaw but still tastes great. Never had a complaint yet.
  2. what temp are you looking for
  3. I will second this I had the same problems so I got the x4 probe and problem solved.
  4. I saw the same thing last year, early goose season was terrible for me then when it closed I started to see many.
  5. Any Okuma 30 size reel will fit 1000ft of wire as well with 100 yards of 30lb big game mono. Thats all I use.
  6. I got a hold of okuma and it appears there would be a 3-4 week turnaround time so I will be returning it instead to the place I got it at for a swap. Thanks for the info.
  7. Thats good news I just hope its a fast turnaround time from okuma heading into aug now, and the clicker button disengages when line is pulled out.
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):7-22 Time on Water:3.5 hrs Weather/Temp:80's Wind Speed/Direction:SW Waves: less than 2 Surface Temp: 75 Location:oswego LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 1 Total Boated:1 Species Breakdown:laker Hot Lure: nothing worked good Trolling Speed: all over mostly 2.6 Down Speed: didn't have probe out Boat Depth: 100-170 fow Lure Depth: all over ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Not much of a report but here goes, very tough bite for me the last few times I went out. I was the only boat out besides 1 that was miles away I tried spoons and flasher flies of all colors nothing seemed to work. Seems like the fish are very scattered. I did not mark hardly any bait or fish the whole time and when I did it was just a fish or two. After 3 hrs of nothing I got bored and decided to pack up and the last rod went off and was a average size laker. Any one having any luck out there?
  9. Ok im not sure if it's a problem or if it is supposed to be like this but I just used my new okuma convector yesterday and the clicker for the drag only clicks when your reeling in, if line pulls out it pops right off.. All my other brand reels work if line goes out or if your reeling in. Seems like the whole point of the clicker is to tell you when a fish takes it. Any one have any issues with this?
  10. I just spooled one up the other day (convector 30d) with 300 ft of 30lb big game then a full spool of 30 lb 7 strand wire and it filled it up nicely without overfilling.
  11. I am starting to think it's a chupacabra-opossum-jackalope mix now though!!!! I hear they swim down to depths as deep as 150ft looking for lake trout in the middle of summer!!! You need silver bullets to kill those nasty little beasts. First goby's now these!! What's next loc ness???? Darn those invasive species!!
  12. Definetly a possum the wet hair gives it a darker looking color fishers have shorter faces and rounder ears with a lot of fur/hair on them. (I trap) Looks fake to me though.
  13. I used to keep my charcoal smoker at least 250 deg. I used to have some issues keeping any consistant heat though. I had the side box smoker with indirect heat.
  14. It really depends on how well you like it done as in how dark you want it, I would start around maybe 200 deg or so and adjust from there. I would say aprox 8 hrs or so depending on your smoker. I use a masterbuilt 40 inch elect smoker. My last batch I was playing with cooking temps that were lower and it took a considerable amount of time to get it done ( over ten hrs). I am still somewhat playing with temps I used to use charcoal smokers but got the elect. one this year.
  15. Definetly a great recipe. I have made several batches of it now for about 2 years and its the best I ever had, I just kick the heat up a little 4x the cayenne. I used to pay to have my fish smoked untill I got my own smoker and that recipe, my fish comes out ten times better than what I used to pay to have done. Thanks for sharing it will all of us Muskybob.
  16. So its 42-60 inches to the hook right?
  17. Beautiful pics!!! I have been dying to go to alaska for several years now for some fishing/hunting. I have been thinking about tapping in to my 401k to head out there in the next couple years with some friends and family, and maybe even a few LOU members as a group trip.
  18. I am sorry I didn't enter the open division now I had to back out at the last second, next year!!! Congrats!!! Watch out for me next year lol. Great fish also.
  19. Yeah it's been tough for me I fished for 8hrs wed morning and only had 3 on and landed 2, 1 20lb king and a giant brown. I figured it was 12 plus pounds. Not much bait or fish on my fish finder I wish I had taken a pic of it with someone holding it but my phone died while I was fishing. It was FAT!!
  20. Lake trout get a bad rep for some odd reason. I eat a lot of trout and salmon and in my opinion lake trout are the most mild tasting of all the salmonoids I have eaten. When grilled or smoked I think they are very good, a little oily but good which is why I like to grill them.
  21. I was wondering if anyone could give away all your tips and secrets to catch lots of fish for this saturday in Oswego?????? Just kidding things have been quiet about oswego in here lately for probably the last week or so, my educated guess is for obvious reasons (Tourny).
  22. I got a few twinkie rigs to try but im not sure what the best way to run them is. I was looking for leader length and with or without flasher and what sizes. Thanks for any info. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  23. Yes they are bad and will get worse before it gets better. The warmer it is and stays the more they reproduce.
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