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  1. Largest one was probably around 15 pounds and 31 inches long!!!
  2. Went out of Oswego today with my new laker set-ups, hammerhead cowbell with peanuts and spin n glows went exactly as you had described gambler and did well landed 5 lost one. They were much larger also than the ones I normally catch thank you for the info, great new set-ups.
  3. I finally had some free time today and grabbed one of my good friends and coworker and decided to head out of Oswego for the afternoon and had a great time. I couldn't ask for a better day just the right temp calm water and a good bite. We went 7 for 8 targeting mostly Lakers while things start to transition out there. We landed 5 Lakers 1 king and 1 brown, was a pretty nice mixed bag. Not a lot of bait out there but I did manage to find a few bait balls about 40-50 feet down in 120 fow. I stayed in 100-130 fow all afternoon because I was trying out some new laker set-ups on the bottom that worked great. Can't wait to get out again. Here are a few pics.
  4. It kinda depends on the day. I fish mostly out of oswego and most days between 10am-2pm it really slows down for most fish but I seem to pick up lake trout all day long, I do best for everything else up till 10am and after 2-3pm. There are a few days every year that you can throw that all out the window too when I get everything all day long. So as a general rule the am and pm bites are most productive.
  5. About 90% of my kings come on dipsy rods with a SD/Fly combo, I do not use snubbers they are not needed as long as you have a strong leader to your flasher or spoon. I use a 45lb seager flouro leaded and have never broke 1 off yet. The first year I started out trolling I used the rubber snubbers and had major problems with them twisting and getting all tangled up. Keep your leader from the diver to your flasher or spoon aprox. the length of your rod, makes it easier to net the fish. I use 10' dipsy rods and my leader is 10'. Good luck, lots of stuff to learn and many great people in here to help along the way. You will definetly need to play with the depths though rather than just putting it out 175 feet.
  6. I was looking online for these cowbells what size do you use? I see they have the 3,4,5 sizes or does it really matter?? Do you run the peanuts/spin n glows bare?
  7. Thanks for the detailed info guys, I am planning an all day trip out of oswego saturday and have 1 really good "chicken" spot, lol, that I do well in so I thought I would try a few cowbell set-ups in hopes my catch ratio goes up a little.
  8. Just wondering if someone could explain a typical cowbell set-up to me. I use just about everything for lakers except those. Just looking for with or without flasher, distances and what goes after the cowbells. Thanks.
  9. Great job!!! You deserve it, I am also thankful for info you have shared and given me over the past few years.
  10. Slow as possible less than 2mph on the bottom and I also catch many on my salmon gear. I probably caught a couple dozen last year on a gold spin doctor with a goby fly. NBK spoons work good too along with what the other guys said.
  11. When using these sushi flies are you just adding the piece of herring to a trolling flies or are these special flies?
  12. Hank in Port Bay, I highly recommended him. Great guy and great mechanic. I can get you his number if you want it.
  13. Tough to say where you would be fishing it changes daily but in July usually any where from 100 fow out to several hundred feet. Pay attention to fishing reports when that time of year comes around.
  14. 3rd week of July would be my pick of the two dates
  15. I tried this number and it said it was a non working number
  16. Any one know of any places or people in or near the Oswego area that will make drop curtains at a resonable price? I have the old one just looking for the exact same thing remade.
  17. A big thanks to you Hank for always doing a great job on my boat!!! Now I just need a few hundred pounds of fish in my boat lol!!!
  18. I can guarantee that if you have trouble selling this as a whole you will not have a problem selling these separately I would buy some off you separately.
  19. I got the boat all ready finally and decided to go give her a test run for the first time this year and it ran great with everything working properly. I decided to put out a couple poles but had no luck, but like I said just mainly a test run, was only out for three hours. Very little action on the screen but it was a mid day trip so I was not expecting much any way. I was only looking around in the 80-110 down zone. I got a good pic from the back of the boat with the throttle down, next trip will be strictly fishing can't wait I'm thinking maybe this Thursday. Was out of Oswego.
  20. Thanks guys they sound better than what I have been doing
  21. I wanted to try something new this year when I re-seal the wood on my boat. Every year I stain it then I put thompsons water seal on it but it leaves a oily surface on it for weeks. Is there anything out there that works good withought being oily?
  22. Great catch and I'm glad things are picking up, I plan to be out in 2 weeks.
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