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  1. Those are some nice looking rod holders I might have to try a pair they kinda look like a big jon
  2. Last year I was catching some very nice kings in oswego at the end of May!!!??? The fish in my profile pic was caught the 3rd week of may last spring and I continued to catch them right thru the whole season. Years before that I couldnt get one untill sometime in june usually late june.
  3. I wouldn't use braid for dipsy set-ups unless you plan to replace it with wire when the temp starts to rise. It's very hard to get the fleas off when using braid. I would skip the braid and go with 30lb wire.
  4. Hey gambler feel free to take this if you can get a hold of him. I have not been able to and I can't use it without the base. All yours.
  5. I will take the big jon rod holder how do I pay for it pm was sent. I would be happy to meet you somewhere between where you are and Oswego or I could send you the money thanks. Do you have the small base that they come with?
  6. This is very true!!!!!!!!!! That's pretty much what it looks like.
  7. Heavy mono and wire line is the only way to get rid of them. Wire line will usually cut them off at the first eye on your rod and they have a hard time sticking to the heavy mono. I run 30lb and even that does not work very well at times. I know guys that run 40lb mono in july and aug just to try to get rid of some of them. They are a major pain in the butt when you are trying to reel in a fish during warm months if you do not check your lines at least once an hour. They are very real and can make fishing VERY difficult during the warm months.
  8. I got mine from brets place on the bay in ebay, he had the best prices.
  9. I play around with Lake trout a lot when the early trout die down and the kings are not hitting good yet and I mostly just use my salmon gear. NBK spoons, white flasher and flies, and I do well with gold colors on them as well. Last year I had 8 on in one day on a greasy chicken spinny with goby live fly. Slow is the key, green and silver spoons work well also. I usually fish them when the water starts to warm up and they are on the bottom between 80 and 100 fow. There are times when you can find them all over the water colum early season.
  10. I have a clam yukon and I love it. It has thick walls and holds up well to strong wind. I liked the seats better than the frabil.
  11. I have a real good recipe I just have to find it. When I find it I will post for you
  12. NY state needs to just go ahead and open the whole state for rifle. With modern day sabot slugs and and muzzle loaders that we have today they shoot nearly as far as rifles do any way. Nice deer and quick hunt congrats MeanMachine
  13. I didn't think there was much meat on a widgeon's butt ?! Just kidding sounds pretty good I might have to try that.
  14. Should be another couple weeks as long as the temps stay cool. I won't even try untill the end of november.
  15. I'm jealous looks like a lot of fun I have always wanted to go there.
  16. High pressure look to the field edges and swampy areas near the fields. Was out today and saw many near edges and water. Good luck
  17. The only reason coyotes are tagged is to study patterns. When food is highly available female coyotes will produce larger litters and when you kill coyotes there is less competing for food wich also leads to larger litters. This is a scientific fact this is how they thrive so well. When food is scarce they produce small litters. I have a very good friend who lived out in the north west US who was hired by the state to study and kill coyotes along with several others and this was proven after many years to try and drop their populations. It was to no avail.
  18. Oh boy I don't even want to think about any one courting my daughter. Why can't they stay 3 forever?? I only have her for 1 more year of high school then she goes off to college I gotta spend time with her while I can.
  19. I had the kids out for a little fun this weekend for a youth pheasant hunt and we all had a great day. My yellow lab had several flushes with many roosters and hens but the kids only managed to connect on one bird. They didn't care though, they got a lot of shooting in. Here is a pic of my daughter with the bird she got and with my dog and son in the background. I wouldn't trade that smile for a million bucks!!!
  20. That sucks!! Those yote populations definetly need to be dropped considerably. I plan to trap many this year in my deer hunting woods.
  21. I am all for the youth hunts because I have kids myself 13 and 15 years old and I also found zero birds at the place I normally start off at this year. Three of us hunted with my yellow lab on the 3rd and walked for hours, but I did find 2 dead birds that must have been shot but not found. I hate seeing that but it happens from time to time.
  22. I soak mine for 2 days turns out great. I also use apple cider, it turns out awsome!!! It ends up with like a nice glaze on it from the cider.
  23. Many fish have entered the river so I am guessing that the trolling season is near the end. Huge numbers have entered the salmon river as well. I saw many guys dragging dark salmon from the dam this weekend.
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