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  1. Day in, and day out, Raymarine makes great products and has great customer service. If you don't want to go that route, west marine is running in--store specials on their vhfs. They hold up well. Call the one nearest you, but I saw at least two left at the one on Niagara Falls Blvd( Amherst area). They were half-price.
  2. Perhaps you have a trailer that needs some parts, or a damaged trailer. I have a Shoreland'r, combination roller/with front bunks. Has the winch, dolly, 2 good rims, 2 decent tires(one is flat). Frame is painted with some rust. Axle is broken. $200 or best offer. Trailer was originally for a 19-22' boat.
  3. The original reason for designing the DW superslims, WAS for Steelheads. They are fantastic Steelhead producers, and with a little weight should produce just fine off your boards for you. They have many, many Steelhead colors. LaRocks in Newfane, and Slippery Sinker in Olcott have good selections. For online purchases, I'm sure DreamSteelie Pete @ GreatLakes tackle site has all the DW stuff. The NK C-5 is another great surface Steelie spoon, with or without weight. Don't limit yourself to just red with any of these, orange variations are solid producers.
  4. Allen, there is always trade-offs. Lighter line usually means more strikes, but at a cost of lost tackle and fish. 6lb test is too light for trolling with stickbaits(floater/diver plugs) in my opinion. Spoons would be ok, because they have only one hook. The problem that arises, especially with spring Coho, is the rolling/thrashing trout and salmon get the line wrapped into the other hooks on the plugs. This often results in a break-off. I think 10lb. leader is as light as you can go and still not leave a bunch of fish swimming around with your lures. 10-15lb mainline, with slighty lighter leader, is a good compromise for Spring Browns in all but the Clearest of water conditions.
  5. Thanks Dave, great lil' message to read Easter morning. Don't be a HATER. You have to have nerves of steel, and the stomach for livin' on the edge to hang with us. ALWAYS pack 25hrs into 24hr, even if it is a Tourny day! BTW, we made it to my daughters graduation with FIVE minutes to spare. You know what I said? "Damn, poor clock management, coulda fished longer!" Happy Easter to you and Jeannie, oh yeah, and Jessie. I have to get over there, she's probably missin' my pizza crusts.
  6. If they end up making a deal on just the boat, please let them know I am interested in the trailer.
  7. River has been steady with drop-back and actively spawning Steelhead. The "bar" is a slow pick for "forkies" (Lakers). The water is cold, and there are bazillions of smelt there. The fish are gorged with multiple year classes. Olcott/Wilson can be good if you are not stuck with ultra-clear water on the shoreline. There is very little run-off. With the amount of smelt around the west end, we will soon have a Salmon explosion.
  8. Thanks for the offer on the 68mph bass boat, Yankee Troller! I'm in the clear this year, as my son is only a Junior. 2011, however, is a whole 'nother story. May take you up on that, I could fish 2 more hours!
  9. We are registered. See everyone there. Gonna hear Dex complain again how lousy the Tim Horton's donuts are compared to Dunkin' (they are). Is it me, or do the counter people move to their own pace over there? REMINDER--- Port Dahlousie deadline is April 12th, Wilson deadline is April 26th. Lets hope it's "Kingpalooza"!
  10. We actually had quite a discussion about this at tues nights Niagara co. fishery advisory board meeting. Seems there is little connection between Steelhead stocking sites and where they return to. Steelhead will always be attracted to flow, particularly the natural kind by rain or snow melt. Many Steelhead observers noted that their favorite streams had runs even prior to ever being stocked. It was the opinion of many at the meeting, that future Steelhead stocking in the county should take place where the survival would be best. Some current sites require high, stunning drops over a guardrail, into a small stream that will soon dry up and leave the yearlings high n dry. Better they survive than become bird or walleye food. The streams that will get the runs will get the runs, and the only way to improve that is to get more to survive in the first place. Now, a stream that has natural repro would be a whole another matter.
  11. Above avg condition, not only does it float a person it drastically slows the onset of hypothermia. Very warm also. Great for cold weather boating or ice fishing. Sells new for over $400, first $100 takes it.
  12. If I remember, you bought a bridge boat. that will help immensely in seeing the logs early. Still, much easier on a calm day. Even a slight chop will hide some of them.
  13. Tony and Dave at LaRocks outdoors in Newfane have been special ordering stuff for guys all winter, give them a shot. 716-778--0068 (10am--5pm) . I can appreciate wanting to replace with the exact same hook, but I have bumped that hook up a size or two because of the twisting Cohos we get here. Similar sized round bend Gammies will hold up well too.
  14. Judging by the amount of phone calls I've been getting asking about the event, should be one heck of a field!
  15. Always tons of wood down west this time of year. I've been watching it drift down the Niagara all winter. Now, to top it off, there seems to be a burgeoning population of beavers working in devils hole. There are several large trees one bite away from toppling into the river and ending up out in the "blue zone". May want to wait for a perfectly calm day to make the run, just for the added visibility. What did you end up with for a new rig, and where are you having it shipped in from? Please rally the troops over there and keep the pollution in the form of windmills out of your side of our Great Lake!
  16. Legacy is right, the orange/silver was a standby. If they still make gold ones, definitely try those. Also, with all the smelt reports we are hearing try some crocodiles if you have some. That hard mudline you are referring to will be great for Cohos when they show up. Out at the end of the piers at the Genny, play the wind. If you go to the Charlotte pier on a Nor' Easter (which we have here in Olcott) you will be buried in mud if the river is running muddy. You will have to burn a few more calories and go to the Summerville pier to catch that edge(mudline). Stop n go and pumping retrieves will produce with the spoons. You are bringing back alot of good memories. Spent many days riding bikes to those piers and casting our arms off! Good Luck, don't forget safety when trying to net off those high piers. The buddy system is a good idea.
  17. That is a good one but I'm not sure the young guy has his own "wheels" yet, based on his other posts. He lives near the ponds in Greece.
  18. Old Tex, Your last 2 sentences are SO true!
  19. Back in my pier fishing days, did best with the 2/5oz cleos and spinners like roostertails and vibrax. You will want to look for the "mixed water". Stained or off color but not chocolate. First thing in the morning was always the best. Don't overlook those short piers at Braddocks, I don't think those are very far from you either. When the bite is on, you won't want to let them sink much at all. If it's tough, you can experiment with them sinking near bottom and a slower retrieve, but this will cost you some lures. Good Luck!
  20. Darkfisher, there are guys in Oswego that are so good at catching Lakers that "expert" isn't even close to being an appropriate title. They just aren't there like they used to be. Pummeling 50--100 a day to try to get keepers took its toll, but it's probably the strain being stocked, preyfish habit changes, bird predation on stocked trout, lamprey predation on the now smaller population, or a combination of all of these factors. The biggest reason you enjoy easy laker fishing is the excellent Salmon fishing usually available around the river keeps the fleet off them, and the relatively clean contours and soft bottom. There are spots around Oswego that the remaining Lakers use that rip riggers off of boats if you're not careful.
  21. The biggest thing to keep in mind is when you need service there will be more people and parts around for the Johnson. The only good things about the Force that I can remember are when it "blew up" it didn't strand me, and there are a few parts on them that are valuable to guys that work on older Mercs.
  22. I have a Honda 130 myself, which I have on my river boat. There is a reason why we are seeing more and more of them on the water. I would say there are many being used on the Niagara with at least that many hours on them. Just like any motor, you can have a compression test done, and I would if I was buying the boat. Oil changes are critical, and I have had good luck running the synthetic blend. Keep an eye on lower unit oil for water and change regularly. They like to run alot, like a beagle!
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