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  1. there is a grady dealer in clayton ny
  2. I have a 9.9 kicker on my grady mounted on the starboard side , you have to check the turning radius in both directions I get 99% both ways & it works great. Get yourself a speed control also & mount it near the helm, they are the cats a--! Cabelas sells them. good luck.
  3. the big old gray plano boxes work great also, I have 3 full of lures I don't know if they still sell them. they are a bit bigger than the special mate. work for spoons & stick baits.
  4. how far behind the ball do guys run the spoons/lures & do guys go by down sp. or gps. sog sp.? it appears as if 2.3 - 2.6 are good sp. to go . thanks for inf. don't do much on the big L o.
  5. fished out of catt. today only saw a few perch caught. last week did good off evengola white wall in 50 -55 fow. also last week guys did good off silver creek in 42- 48 fow. the wind this week must have screwed things up. got a report of perch schools in front of wind mills in 52 fow today, good luck if you go . i will be turkey hunting for a while.
  6. great looking boat & equip. I figure you got $300- $400 invested in the whole rig right? lol! good luck.
  7. now, now, where would we be without all our stupid laws? I wish you didn't say that about the orange vests that will drive the price up when we need to buy them. also the leg. won't pass to many laws for a while they are hard at work on the state buget & are only at work no more than 12 days a month!! lol
  8. is anyone doing any perch on seneca lately is now the time? i would be comming from buffalo for the day, thanks for any info.
  9. is the chamber launch near the info. building or is there another one in the park on the north end? I know years ago there was a launch & then you had to go out a channel to the lake correct ? I have a Grady myself. thanks for info. Grady.
  10. Comming from buffalo, where can I launch a 22ft. f/glass boat without any problem of water depth at the launch on seneca. Thanks
  11. try the amish, custom made & reasonable. or a custom canvas shop (auto) imo.
  12. what are you useing as a speed indacator? gps sog or something else ? thanks
  13. how long of leaders are you talking about? do you use in line boards? thanks
  14. Name: F.S. Location: halfway between lakes erie & ontario Home Port: lake erie Boat Name/Type: 22 ft Grady white I fish for: walleye,perch,trout & salmon. ================== Would like to know hot spots for perch on seneca & canadaguia lakes. Thanks for any info. (your welcome message to LOU - anything else you want to say to the community goes here).
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