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  1. I notice the "swamp people" have the Tohatsu motors on some of their boats, If that says anything. lol
  2. Friend of mine went out of Sturgeon Pt. Friday. He had no problem getting over the sand bar at the enterance. He marked lots of fish suspended but no takers for perch. Fished 20' - 62' fow.
  3. I had the same question here without much response awhile ago. I might put some on also. For what it's worth I thuoght the Lenco electric are nice because you don't have to mess with the hydraulic pump & oil and they say the electric are faster to respond when useing. I have looked at both web sites. My buddy has the lenco's on his 20' Key West & they work great. Jmo. good luck.
  4. 3 Friends of mine use to fish lake erie in a 12' with a 10 hp out a few miles. (nuts imo) Also look on u tube for homemade canoe stableizers some good ideas there.
  5. I never said that ,I was just giving info. incase you didn't know, sorry nothing meant by it ! Like I said I am not the worlds best typist/speller.
  6. Anybody been out of sturgeon pt lately ? How is it getting over the sand bar? Could the Sm. boat harbor ramp be used without being ticketed now ? Thanks for any info.
  7. Captain, thanks for doing the explanation. I don't do the copy, cut, paste, glue ,whatever thing. And my spelling and typing are worse. Takes for ever. Tbromund, if you google any of the bills #'s all their info. will come up most times. Just a little tip. thanks
  8. Check out this bill & let your congressman know to support this bill, HR 4089, it is a WIN WIN for all sportsmen.
  9. Does anyone make a short dipsy rod ? I have 8 & 10 footers but was thinking shorter would be nice/useful at times. any other ideas? thanks
  10. some of the lower nia. river guys use a old coleman lantern between their legs. I have a coleman camp heater thats never been used it uses white gas I'll sell cheap if interested .
  11. Just a hole in the water to thorw you money into ! Go for the electric & get it over! lol
  12. I know this is a lake Ontario forum but I also know many here fish lake Erie. I was wondering why on lake Erie there are no boat launches at Evangola state park or at Wendt beach state park ? It makes no sense, they both have access to lake shore , both have parking lots, both have booths to take our money, both have restrooms they have it all but the launches themselves!! All they need to do is put in the launches & a breakwater the rest is all there! I feel they could use our conservation moneies before they screw that up! We all know a few more spots to put a boat in Erie would not hurt us. Any thoughts ? Jmho.
  13. A friend of mine told me his buddie went there & could not get his 16' across the sand bar at the entrance of the harbor. This was 2-3 weeks ago. I wonder how long it will be before the launches open up this year ? I would hope early due to the fact there is so little ice this year! I know last year Sturgeon Pt. didn't open until the 2nd week of walleye because it wasn't dredged. They should start now in m o.
  14. Only takes 5 seconds to melt water impeller & housing not sure if you want to run motor out of water! Seen it happen. jmo.
  15. Try trim tabs, Lenco (elec.) or Bennett (hyd.) I have been thinking of the Lenco's just for the fact you don't need the hyd. pump or the fluid screw around parts. I also don't think your whale tail is O.E. jmo.
  16. tcon , thanks for posting the knot site , very useful .
  17. have seen deacron line (heavy test) or planer board line used, just looped thru the hook eye instead of chain.
  18. Try checking all bearings & bushings & lower unit oil level. Maybe water impeller housing also ? Just some suggestions.
  19. Will a 50 Khz / 192 Khz dual transducer from a LMS 350A work on any of the new Lowrance fishfinders/gps that do not come with transducers ? Thanks for any info.
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