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  1. Actually, I beleive that is what it is supposed to do. I was told it will not freeze solid but will jell up like you said it did.
  2. question? Is florocarbon coated line the same as 100% florocarbon line as far as being seen in the water?
  3. Mine cuddy came with tinted all but the windsheild.
  4. pole dancer,get bigweenie ,have lap dance sounds good to me!!
  5. I know a guy that uses shower caps or those plastic bowl covers sort of like the caps & they work well. just a thought.
  6. I know a guy that uses shower caps or those plastic bowl covers sort of like the caps & they work well. just a thought.
  7. I think it's going to warm up July 3- 7- 2011, be sure to enjoy it !
  8. Mine has a 12'x12' overhead door, a man door on the side. I do not have any trusses down the middle all open & it is 16' high. If I can get something thru the door it is in! Mine looks like Big Daves but I have a window on the right side & no over hang.
  9. Mine is 24x36 I put my 22' boat in the middle & can get my 16' boat & 4x8 trailer in & out on one side & the atv & lawn tractor in & out the other side without moving the big boat. All fits perfect plus to much other crap! Everyone told me to go bigger but I say the bigger the building the more crap you put in it & the wife claims I have a lot of it collected . Jmo.
  10. I have know this is a fishing site but some here might have interest in these new gun/hunting bills. The good ideas are S-2486 & S-177A. The bad one is S-2486 if passed you would have to register your gun to buy ammo. for it!! S-2486 would extend coyote hunting into May. S-177A would lower the archery age to 12yrs.old down from 14yrs. old. Time to let your state reps. know your feelings on these bills !! Asap.
  11. Big Dave nice looking rig. It looks like you did what I did, bought the boat (hole in the water) & then built a new pole barn around it to keep it in, dam boats are costly!!
  12. Put things where you think you want them & see what you think & how they might work. remember you have to reach for those swinging balls & rig lines sometimes in 5-4 ft waves or have them bang the side of your boat ,ouch! Remember the "measure twice /cut once!" rule.
  13. I use 223 easy to get . My buddy shoots 222 & has a hard time finding shells for it. He just found some at a gun show that looked to be 20 yrs. old .
  14. Chech out Syracuse.com Outdoor Blog to see this bill info. (S-3638) It states that upstate (us) sportsmen, fishermen, trappers & hunters will have to flip the bill for down state marine districts due to this bill being voted down. We need to let our Reps. know we are against this & the monies for this should not be taken from the Traditional conservation fund or the General fund which we all pay for. This should be removed from the reconciliation of the opposing budget resolutions & make the marine districts pay their own way! http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2011/ ... _fund.html
  15. Force gas prices down .This was sent to me (e-mail). The idea is to stop buying gas from the 2 big guys Exxon & mobil. They should lower their prices due to no sales & the other smaller guys will follow their lead & lower theirs. We need to do this until exxon & mobil get down to $2.00 per gal. then if need be buy theirs again. The key to this working is it needs to be passed across the country( e-mail) & get millions to do it! They figure this is better than a day-week total boycott due to our need for gas & should work over time. Don't shoot me I am just passing it on! lol
  16. Has anyone ever used this type of trim tabs & how have they worked if so? I was thinking of installing them on a 22' grady.
  17. I have one hanging in my barn. Had it on a 18' glass boat with a 120 hp i/o & loved it , no hassle pulling a rope to put it up or down this is what I recommened I didn't know they still made them , sorry mine is not for sale may use it again some day.
  18. Check out the Williston Basin oil formation known as the Bakken ,google it,. We have more oil in this country than the rest of the world combined! It runs from Montana through N. Dakota into Canada. This will tic you off big time! I feel we should put pressure on our govt. reps. to do something abuot this. Jmo.
  19. Tie your bags to the front side cleats & only let out enough line so that the bag is just under the water doing its thing. You should only have it back 1/2 -3/4 the length of the boat & away from the prop ,bags should run great with no problem. If you go with a trolling plate get a spring loaded one without a release rope, go with a metal plate if possible the plastic/glass tend to bend & can get into the prop when backing up, seen it happen. Jmo. good luck!
  20. Check this out Lewis & clark air rifle history! At - network54.com/forum/451309/thread/1296928404/. - To cool not to spread around.
  21. It does'nt matter what they say thet can be 100% wrong & still get paid! Living in Buffalo area & fishing lake erie they are always wrong & then they pat themselves on the back for it! You can be on the lake & they say it has 1 footers & it has 4 feet while you are out there trying to fish!
  22. I use the rope with a small caribeaner like from the dollar store ,also you can put the rope under or around something to hold the tow line close while you hook your release to it, works great!
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