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  1. Guns & ammo tv show just did a show on the 204 cal. this past week end you might be able to catch a repeat show of it either on sportsman or outdoor channel. I agree it sounded like a fun gun/cal.
  2. Nice pics. & bucks chromeslayer & mortigan just where were those taken ? I would just like to see the tree you put the cams on , honest ! I know , tell when, tell how, but will not tell where ! lol
  3. I have one of each & I think the Ir bothers the deer more than the flash. they seem to shy away from the Ir. They stand back & stare at the cam.
  4. I am not a 10%er, I would say a 30%er most times & s#^k sometimes.
  5. Irish, Thanks again for all the info., not many are willing to give any when it comes to the Seneca lake jumbo perch. Great stuff !
  6. Irish, got any pics. / drawings of your 3 way rig . It sounds like it might work nice on lake erie. I would like to try it this spring. thanks.
  7. Do you guys fish Canandaigua this time of year like Seneca gets fished ? Is it good for trout or whatever else might be in there ? I could do Cand. in a day but Seneca (the Glen) is another 1.5 hrs away, would be a long day this time of year coming from buffalo area & don't know if it is worth the trip ? Thanks for any info.
  8. I have buddies on 3 trailers & never had a problem in 20 yrs. If any thing I probably over grease them every 4-5 times I pull the trailers. I also use the marine grade grease on all to do so. I beleive if you go to the bearing buddie web site it stases "it is better than pulling the bearings & repacking them every yr." or something to that effect. They work for me, jmo.
  9. Check out senate bill S5921 now they want to take away our conservation fund money & put it into the gereral funds! (again) Let your Reps. know your feelings about this bill S5921 - 20011 asap!
  10. Go to "www.ussportsmen.org" to see "The Dirty Dozen" of antis that are against us as fishermen & hunters.. It su*@s ! I received it today from the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance.
  11. lineman49

    Mark Komo

    Great article & jingle, I agree with what you said about getting into the same great fishing here on lake Erie but our problem is access to the lake this time of year. Why they pull the all the docks & block off the launches just s#*ks ! Does anyone here have any ideas how we could change this? I feel we should have access to the lake at least until first ice forms. Not all of us like shooting up the river or have a boat big enough to even try it. jmo
  12. Try the sand bags from rd.const. sites , the ones holding up the signs.
  13. I have heard good reports about Polarcraft & Alumacraft. juat suggestions.
  14. That is a fact works about the same with rabbits!
  15. Thinking of installing trim tabs on a 22' grady white, need some pros / cons. Whats better , Lenco electric or bennett hyd. , something else? For installation, operation, maint.? The boat lists to port side a bit when on plane. Thanks for any input.
  16. I plan on going this week. While sitting for deer they were every where. Saw 8 within 40 yds. all at once.
  17. Had 3 beagles 25 yrs. ago ,hunted them every week end shot many rabbits and had a riot, best action hunting going! haven't done it in 15 yrs. Don,t see any rabbits around anymore.
  18. I have a friend that likes to fish donnleys wall until the ice starts and gets upset that they close Erie basin also. I thouhgt the mayor was giong to let erie basin open all winter for all to enjoy a few years back, I guess that isn't happening ?
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