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  1. Went out yesterday for about 10 hours. Went 8/12 mostly on f/f with the meat being unusually quiet. Our biggest was 24lbs with a few teens in the mix. Most fish came deeper than 60ft down and past 200 fow
  2. Stacking is putting 2 rods on 1 rigger at differnt depths, cheaters are a length of line 6-8 feet or so that is either fixed to the main line or just clipped onto the line with a swivel that allows you to have 2 lures on 1 line. I rarely do either so im not the guy to tell you when and why
  3. I think i can speak for the notth shore when i agree with 30lb+ being tyee. Not looking good for one so far but end of july beginning of august is the time to pick a couple up over here.
  4. You could use the 4' from dipsey to flasher, 6' you could use from a flasher/sd to a plug like a lyman or jplug
  5. I use 50lb flouro for all my leaders as well, but no snubbers. We generally like to troll faster than most so our drags on dipsey rods are pretty tight. I snapped two nice fish off in my 2nd year king fishing and never went back to 30lb. I know lots of guys run 30 or less with no issues but i like the confidence of using 50, maybe im just a chicken lol. Good luck buddy, welcome to the most expensive hobby/sport/passion/obsession of your life😜
  6. Ouch thats a painful loss man, far from the only story ive read on here about mysterious loss in deep water. Im sure someone has a possible answear for you.
  7. You still have a better idea than you would without it, pull it up 40 ft for a min than drop it back down if you want. Its not a perfect science and should be used in conjunction with the other variables that you know ie speed up top, bend of the rods blowback of the riggers etc... The biggest thing is experiance so go get some and you will find it coming to you! Tightlines
  8. I agree with going quick, we do our best work 2.8 to 3.5 downspeed but somedays we have to cut her back to 2.2-2.6 to get then kings going. Ive also never caught a laker on lake o so i know its not too slow.
  9. Nicely done! Aint it nice when lady o cuts you a break?
  10. This may sound dumb but i have to spit on the wheel of the fishhawk before i send it down or it wont read properly, i have had to pull it up twice when i forgot and now do it every time.
  11. I can run 8 rods with 5 on riggers and 3 dipseys but i rarely do. If anything ill run 4-6 rods( depends on # of people as well) with 3 dipseys and 3 riggers. I usually keep flies up top and run meat deeper. I spread a couple spoons and a plug around to complete my spread. I try to run about 40 feet between all my setups and only match depths if its a dipsey and a rigger( ie rigger down 50ft dipsey out 250 on 3 for 50 ft down)
  12. Im all for the fly kill championship... Ive broken a couple hats that way lol
  13. You will get 30 different answers to that question lol. Myself and my fishing buddies use hummingbirds, My boat has an older 700 series and he has a new 396i if im correct. His has a small screen but its colour and shows everything you need to see such as bait, hooks, thermocline etc...
  14. I feel your pain man! I was starting to question everything but i know we just need some good weather to reset the lake and the good times will roll.
  15. Hit the bluffs for 10 hours today, ran flies meat spoons plugs and everything else. Fished from 80ft to 350 and only got 5 small chinnys. Didnt mark one nice fish all day, a few scattered bait clouds and that was it. Hopefully it will be better next weekend
  16. Thata boy tony! No repeats for you im coming hard this year!! Good luck out there man, i hope to see you in the standings again.
  17. I have caught all kinds of fish using flashers on everything,flies meat spoons and plugs. I usually run it tight on flies maybe 30" tops a little longer on meat 3-4 feet and up to 6 feet away with plugs and spoons. However you gotta mix it up i only use flashers on spoons when the usual isnt working. Good luck
  18. Ill be out on sat. For sure! Prob try put 10-12 hours in and find some big kings!
  19. I think ive seen you somewhere too lol, welcome to lou!
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