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  1. I should be out saturday as well, unfortunatly it looks like im taking the bowrider again as my friend has a jack and jill. Im hoping for warmer temps, bigger fish and small waves. Jeez i may as well grab a lottery ticket while im at it
  2. I would also like to say thanks to you tom for taking time to get me an order up here. It means a lot when someone with such an intense schedule was willing to help me out. John.
  3. There are good kings on the board but ill be darned if i can find them, my buddy has missed the last two weeks and i dont like taking my bowrider into the bluezone. If we had the big boat id fish out to 350
  4. I usually go west, i went west again as far as the point. Water generally got warmer that way but still no hooks to fish. All the fish we did get were while we were in search mode and with 48-50 degree water on the surface. How bout you, were you on the east side?
  5. Launch out of bluffers park, its a short drive to fishable water, there is a dropoff but a lot of times you have too fish deeper or shallower anyways. As for tips if you try to fish the drop be very aware of the boats around you because most people dont like to give you an inch and the drop is not a straight line which seems to confuse people and cause them to get a little to close sometimes. Good luck bud
  6. Went out sat. Around noon again temp was between 49-62 on top depending on where you went, fished anywhere from 75-250 ft. We started off real well with a double header of high teen kings on ff combos and then picked up a big coho also on a ff combo. After that we caught two smaller kings a 12 and a shaker and That was it. We fished from 2.30 to dark without another hit it was ridicuous. Most of the day we tried finding bait and when we did there was no good hooks in it. All fish came on a blank screen in the top 40ft of the water. The fish still seemed pretty scattered to us so we tried a little bit of everything. In the last hour and a bit while on our troll home we started marking some huge clouds but again couldnt buy a fish. Im hoping its at least a sign of good things coming. Good luck out there!
  7. Just because there are not as many reports on a fishing website doesnt mean people here are not fishing open water. Bluffers on a warm saturaday has 50-75 empty boat trailers and who knows how many charters and larger boats that leave straight from that large marina. It is not JUST a trib game by any stretch. As for the wrist slitting(lol) although it would suck hard without kings i personnally would put my focus soley on esox once again. If its not hard to find catch and land a 30lb pike in a small lake than i dont know what is. I have no issue with the other species in the lake whatsoever and can respect other peoples love affair with them, i would simply hate to see the destruction of a wonderful fishery loved by most in order to fulfill an extremely unlikely pipe dream. Sometimes its better to look to a bright future than to try reinstate the past, whats done is done we can only work with what we have now.
  8. I guess ill be a stage 3 fisherman for life than... Darn! And i was hoping to be the best.
  9. If there were no kings i might never fish lake ontario ever again. I can fish lakers in simcoe browns and bows everywhere and feel no particular urge to fish atlantics. If there were no kings my life would have a hollow void in it.
  10. Whats up man? I ve been waiting to see you post, how you been doing out in port credit?
  11. Fished out of the bluffs on sat from 12 till dark, started off with 4 fish and a hit and run in the first couple hours followed by nothing till dark. Was pretty choppy and water on top was 50-54 degrees. Fished a blank screen all day from 70-220fow minus two small bait clouds. Biggest fish around 15 lbs smallest around 8. Hopefully it will warm up for next weekend. 2 fish caught on A-Tom-Mik flies with fl tackle custom paddles and two more caught on anchovie with fl tackle paddles.
  12. Nice work, good to hear of a fish over 20. Ill be out sat to start lookin
  13. Bobby is real easy to work with, im sure if you can find a mode of communication to reach him he will go out of his way to help you out.
  14. Nicely done, some sweet chickens! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Hopefully soon, after canada day i will be heading out of the bluffs to start derby fishing. I will post some reports, good luck everyone. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  16. I have devoloped a strong dislike of sailboats since i started fishing lake o. Sucks about your lure man, you cant fix stupid. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  17. Dont you worry about those fish for the derby, they will be right where they belong... In my boat! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. 4km is not too fast for salmon, down speed is the more important factor so if you dont have a way to measure it you will just have to play with the speed as you go. Before i used a speed probe we would go as fast as 4mph and still slay fish! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Gotta agree with most of these guys, We run 4 riggers and three dipseys and we will move rods around and usually only clear a rod if necessary for easier netting. Due to boat design we have to net on a side of the boat so we will make a space and slowly turn the boat that direction to keep the fish where we want it. However a big fish at boatside can make a quick mess of everything if he makes a run under the boat or towards the riggers. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Hey man, are you looking at a lodge or cabins? Or are you roughing it. I live an hr. North of toronto and my trips are in the sticks in a tent for the most part so i cant really recommend a lodge. I would say that you could look at the mnr website at a feature called fish on-line. It offers basic info on a lot of lakes including stocking and species present. Hope this helps Tightlines Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. We generally try to avoid packs of boats and we troll around every boat assumin they have dipseys and planers with 1000 ft of line out. It seems far to many people belive they can do whatever they want without consequence and frankly with my temper its better to stay away from all of them. There are fish everywhere not just under the groups of boats
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