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  1. Really? I love the full moon. We planned our week off around it!
  2. I would hate to go without at least one meat rig.
  3. No problem, there never seems to be many reports on the canadian side so i try to do my part, the main goal is too have some fun right! Im hoping by sat the temp will straighten out a bit and make finding them easier but we ll have to wait and see. Good luck out there
  4. we got on the water around noon and started heading west towards the city. we went from 80 to 200 ft of water a couple times with a blank screen, no thermocline, and freezing cold 49 to 52 degree water on top. after4 predictably taking zero hits we made the executive decision to hit 300+ feet of water for the first time ever. good choice. we started see water temp around 60 on top and that progressed to around 67 by the time we hit 350 ft. although we only saw the occasional bait cloud we started taking hits. first fish in was about a 10lb king down 60ft. on a meat rig. second fish was a screamer on the meat that was lost after a few minutes, followed by a knockoff on the kos 40ft rigger. we than hit two nice steelhead back to back one on an atomic fly back 250 on the dipsey and one on the kos rigger. the fishing slowed but we still managed to hook a 25 lb screamer that took a dipsey out 300 ft to 700 ft, and we lost another fish the same size at the boat off the meat because it came in so quick we had no time to move rods. I also kept a small one for a friends dinner. all fish and hits were in 300+ ft of water down no farther than 60ft. we have one last shot at a derby fish next sat and regardless a report will follow, tightlines. the 25 lb
  5. I find the water flick works well but the focus has to be on the snap coming up with the line in the water, pulls them off the braid real quick
  6. We sing the gilligan theme when it starts gettung rough
  7. 8 lb line eh! Your crazy dude, i broke off a fish on a 50 lb seaguar flouro leader last friday. That must be a long fight
  8. this was one that woudnt go back. looks a lot smaller because it was stuffed in a cooler but I believe it was either 26 or 28 this was a 24 or so from sun. I believe it was our first major of the season and our buddys biggest since starting to come out fishin last year
  9. Also forgot to mention a few firsts First time in new boat First lamprey in the boat( cut in half) First chinho( still being debated) First "differnt" steelbow looked like the ones tim bromund posted. First tail hooked fish( what a ride! ) That is all
  10. Mostly 100-200 ft. Down temp slowly got lower all week, 49-52 was at 20 ft in 100 ft on mon by friday it was down to almost 50 ft in 100.
  11. We got off wed to a late start due to ff installation so we didnt get out till about 4 pm. We caught a couple decent fish including 1 pushing 30 but not big enough to weigh in. The last hit off the day took off screaming and felt pretty strong so we packed up the rods to chase. I could not get line back on it so we kept circling until we were close, something did not feel right and when i got it to the boat i found out why. This prob 20-22 lb king was hooked on a flasher fly in the tail. Ouch! No wonder he was in charge and i couldnt turn him. Thursday was a beautiful calm day on the water and with temps coming up the fishing steadily improved. With a handful of majors but nothing to weigh we lOoked forward to fri which would be our last day off. All of our fish have been on f/f and meat rigs, downriggers and dipseys shared equal success for a nice change of pace. Fri was pretty intense. In terms of hits it had to be over 30 but we only landed prob half that all day. Most off the fish we caught were over 20 lb which in itself is pretty crazy. We had one take a meat rig off the rigger, jump over the dipsey in the middle, snap that off and then turn around and snap the 50 lb flouro to the treble( must of had a nick) after that debacle we ran into a very powerful fish. We had a hit that looked normal for the day and my buddy grabs the rod out of the holder, after an awkward looking hookset motion this fish takes serious offence and screams line like i have never seen. Like 50 ft per second. After taking all of our braid he was down into some none to pretty backing and SNAP! Gone forever. Lesson learned we hadnt changed that since we started this derby fishing a few years ago. Dont cheap out with line amount. Spool every rod full or else. Thats our story. I only have one pic ill try post later, my buddys new boat is hard to lean over to release fish so as soon as the hooks out its beside the boat. If we get 1 over 30 ill pic it. Tightlines
  12. We have fished out of the bluffs the past four days starting anywhere from 1 to 4 pm and fishing till dark ( except yesterday due to waves and no fish) sat we did ok with numbers but nothing over the teens. Sun we started off with a triple header after some boat troubles, and ended with a 22lb and 24 lb king. Mon we caught a lot of small to medium size kings and a handful of steelies. Yesterday we caught one teen king all day. The storm on fri chased away most of the goOd fish and all the good temp. Sat was 52 f on top of the water and most fish caught were down 20-30 ft up until today. We have been looking everywhere for good thermocline and bait and have rarely seen either. We have until sunday off work so we will keep at er hopefully with good news down the line. If we catch anything good ill post pics. Lastly most of our fish have come on flys and meat and the odd one on k.o.s. We have fished anywhere from bluffs to toronto in 80 to 280+ ft. Good luck
  13. 2009, 9 year old zane patrick wins the great ontario salmon derby with a 34+lb king. If he can do it why couldnt anyone else? Although i live on the north side i do agree your loc rules regarding kids fishing seem a little ridiculous. Hopefully changes are made to keep the future generations involved. Good luck fellas
  14. Why give up? When there is 1, there are more
  15. Ill let you know after i try the ten more i just got
  16. Everyone in our boat wears hats, when fishing gets slow its "who can kill the most flies time" A great distraction that is usually broken up with Fish on!
  17. Awesome fish man! We havent got out due to boat problems but we will be out next week. And we know what we need to beat
  18. I personally use feel to set my drag.... good luck and keep fishin What he said
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