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  1. Hunted Seneca this morning. Mallards did not want to play, but the Gadwall sure did, never expexted see as many as we did. They worked perfect, just bombed into the dekes with no circling. Shotn7 Gadwall and 1 mallard
  2. Seneca in the A.M., strange that a day with a high of 20 is gonna be “warm”.
  3. +1 for Eric, never fished with him but I do follow his Instagram and have talked to him there. If fly fishing is what you want, he’s the one.
  4. Who knows what last night and tonight will have done to it too. Thanks for reporting Les!
  5. Thinking of duck hunting at a friend's cottage on Sunday and wondering if the Branchport arm has open water right now. The cottage is between The Bluff and Boyd Point. Also, anybody fishing/hunting that area been seeing ducks? Thanks for any and all help.
  6. Cool, I grew up with a GSP. She never hunted, but I remember, as a pup, she would always be pointing moths and birds in the backyard. Dad started training her, but never got her on live birds. Sometime down the road I can se myself with a bird dog, and from this post, a griffon is gonna be the first ones I look at!
  7. I think I read earlier that he will point ducks? How does that work, jump shooting near creek/rivers or something. Sounds pretty cool!
  8. This make me want a versatile bird dog, big time. I have never hunted over a bird dog, but really enjoy rabbits with my beagle. I would love to get out on upland birds sometime with a good dog. Seems like Dutch is the perfect sort of dog, likes the couch, likes upland, and likes waterfowl. Very cool thread man!
  9. We can have thumbholes, we can have detachable mags, but not both on the same gun. Then, according to Emperor Andy, it is an evil gun designed to kill people.
  10. Thanks for the info, that will be very helpful!
  11. Put a new scope on my MVP, I had a cheapo 6-24x but really wanted something low power for close range plinking but that had the ability to be 200+yd scopenif I wanted it. When the temps are a little more enjoyable I will get it zeroed. Can anyone explain to me what 1 click = .1 mil means? I am not familiar with what a mil is.
  12. I wasn't actually hunting last night, but still managed to call in a gray fox. Went out to check on the goose sausage in the smoker and could hear something in the crispy frosty grass near the barn, expecting to see a deer I look up and saw the silhouette of a gray fox I could just make it out with the ambient light and the motion light on the house. Give few lip squeaks and it comes charging straight to me. I let him get to about 40 yards and yelled at him (getting bit didn't sound like a good way to spend the night). I've never seen a critter hit the brakes and turn the other way as fast as he did when I hollered. Might have to make a few sets in my tiny woodlot this winter.
  13. The only yote I ever called in and killed was just at sunset, distress calls. Was using a .204 at the time. Put her down right in her tracks.
  14. Yeah, it has interchangeable barrels, that one is .22lr, it’s a tac driver. For deer I switch over to 7-30 waters
  15. Got out for one of my favorite post-deer season activities today. First time hunting them with a handgun and my first kills with a handgun! Could have easily had my limit but was holding out for the black squirrel I had missed first thing. I’ll be back out a few times, squirrel breakfast sausage on the way!!
  16. I’m not trying to start anything. I have more respect for the older generations than you want to believe. Not once did I claim to know everything or call you a “dumb azz”. I simply tried to respectfully post a reply based on facts that I studied during my time at a highly accredited local conservation based degree program in the Finger Lakes. I’ll leave it at that, I don’t want to argue. Good day, sir
  17. Correct, all false accusations based on opinion and hear-say rather than fact. Fisher are becoming more common, the game Commission isn't releasing them to kill turkeys. Forests are become more mature since the clear cutting of 100+ years past and the habitat that fisher need is returning. Direct correlation.
  18. Definitely a fisher. Fisher are a member of the mustelidae family (weasels) so they have that characteristic for loping gait. The hind feet usually stay right next to each other and the front feet are more or less there for support as they push themselves along with the large hind feet. What you’re seeing is two hind feet directly next to each other and the two front feet at an an angle next each other as he hopped along. A bobcat would have its tracks directly in front of the next, basically walking in a straight line and the distance between the tracks wouldn’t be as far as that. Cats are very aware and careful of where they put their feet, watch your house cat walk around sometime especially if they are stalking a toy. Also cats wouldn’t likely show nail marks in every track. Very cool find!
  19. Congrats! 4.5 hours till my weekend starts!
  20. Finally saw some deer. Bumped three does as I was sneaking in to the woods. Though they were only 30 yards away I couldn’t get them to stop for a shot. Tomorrow is another day!
  21. Probably will be switching to Blackhorn for next year, want to work on distance and grouping this spring and then will hunt with it all during gun season next year.
  22. Would removing just the powder and primer be fine if I bring the gun inside, then just load the powder back against the bullet in through the breech end? (can't have a gun in the vehicle where I work)
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