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  1. Thanks Mick….sorry we couldn't help out but the action was great,wasn't easy getting the boat out…..we needs some docks…lol
  2. we fished the "oak" today….no docks are in,put in on the east side…..south wind blow at 20-25 mph,but very fishable. we limited out on browns and then some,averaged 5-8 lbs. we went 9 for 20. getting the boat out was a task with no docks. but we got it done. all fish were caught in stained water and it was spotty…..not bad for a shake down,all went well.
  3. every thing still iced up,…..last night everything froze right back up
  4. hang in there little crappie…..don't let some idiot steel it from you….its a very nice boat,excellent shape….it never fails every time someone tries to sell something on here….they want it either free….or for nothing !!! hold your price !!!!!
  5. very good price….i just bought the hds-9 touch…its so easy to use my granddaughter can run it…..there is nothing complicated using this set
  6. For someone who fishes the big rivers ,this rod is perfect.It has the sliding rings for reel….asking 200.00
  7. I have a Mercury 9.9 hp Big Foot 2013 model,long shaft. Electric start,Hyd Lift,Big Foot 4-bladed prop,…w/5yr warranty,will let wheeled stand go with it,only 3 hrs running time,comes with 5-gallon tank….2300.00 takes it,thanks for looking "sold"
  8. Hey you "RASCAL"…..nice walleyes…..i'll be on erie in a few months,and it won't be long ponding the browns out front…nice "eyes" take care my friend !!
  9. MY WIFE BOUGHT ME A LOWRANCE HDS9-TOUCH SCREEN FOR CHRISTMAS….Ok,heres the deal….I bought from Cabelas-2199.00…w/83/200 transducer & w/a 200.00 rebate. Today ups brought me a big box….inside was a complete structure scan package w/transducer (699..00 valve)…along w/ 200.00 rebate check !!!! It was a big surprise,inside was a letter saying ,thank you for buying lowrance product as a "token" we hope you enjoy our product ! I'm in shock….just thought i'd let everyone know….i guess when you spend the money,they like to offer you a better deal.
  10. willyc….thanks for that film,haven't done that since my dad passed on….brought back wonderful memories ! And shades of gray….good boy for taking your dad out for a good time !!!
  11. wow….wished i lived closer,what a nice guy !!! good for you,happy new year
  12. try them all….shoot what your gun likes….some guns just don't like them because of the twist in the barrel
  13. the go-to gun is the 22-250….zero at 200 yds….shoot out to 400 kill shots….very flat shooting gun,and potent
  14. you can make it what you want it to be…as long as you had a good time !….and you caught it legal
  15. Take them memories home John , we will miss ya….you better get your ass back here to fish another day to !!! Drive careful going home,drive safe…..i'll be thinking of you everyday i fish….god bless tight lines, Ed
  16. Thank you sir…..i'll put it to good use
  17. Right on EATSLEEP……selling fish from our lakes and streams ???? this is just the tip of the iceberg…..and it includes steelies,browns,lake trout…..what do you think these guys do with a truck load of our fish going down the road….and none off them are caught…."legally"
  18. Very beautiful buck congrats…..good to see a young gal hunting,the fun has just begun !!!!! Get it mounted and enjoy it through your hunting yrs !!!
  19. Glad to hear you took some good advice fish less…..be patient,next year you will get a nice buck and your health will be much better….and you will be here for your family and friends to enjoy ,good luck and stay healthy my friend…..and remember….put your family first…..they need you !!!!
  20. Very nice buck….but the story……nahhhhhh,i don't want to die doing something i love to do…..i wanna die doing something i hate to do !!!!!!!!
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