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  1. Is it sold ??? Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Get the omish shock cords for the balls...it will cure the problem.... Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Been saying this for yrs....the federal government keeps putting in millions of Lake trout...taking food away from our king salmon....nobody wants yo listen !!! this is why i don't believe the pen rearing is anything but a waste of our time....and the states money !!!! time for a serious change...or we will end up like Lake Michigan !!!
  4. Major Haul.....I'm will keep my eyes and ears open...I live in this area,there have been several homes broken into also....they did find one outboard,,, up at Tupper Lake NY...the State Troopers tracked the guy down when he advertised it and sold it on Graiges list...he is now in jail...apperantly he is not buy himself....there are a lot of us keeping an eye out for these thugs....just might find them face down in the river....tight lines
  5. You are not the first in Orleans area...a couple of weeks ago there was a 25 hp outboard stolen right out of the guys back yard...have cameras set up on your boat dialed in to your cell phone...that way you can surprise the intruder at gunpoint...lots of drugies in Orleans county...they will take anything for the fast buck !! Doesn't matter how locked down it is,if they want it there going to take it !!
  6. Just be a safe boater and fisherman...check the weather ! Make sure you have all coast guard approved safety equipment...and a very good marine radio,just for safe keeping,and of course a good charged up cell phone in a water proof bag ! good luck fishing....
  7. Got an 87' just like it...love it !!! Good luck w/sale
  8. Today they are installing the docks on the west side of the river (state park)....the east side docks won't be in for awhile.....give these guys a day or so to complete there job,don't get in there way !
  9. mixed veggie,sea sick wobbler,carbon 14
  10. 1- Magnum 3 plus...1-Jiffey....50.00 each give up ice fishing,gotta get rid of them..covers on blades...Kent ,ny
  11. I would like to say ....Thank you Capt Carl Bish,for all the very good friends that i have meant from you on the Big "o"..your expertise on fishing tactics has been secound to none...you have put many a smile on all your clients and you will be sadly missed. thank you for being our friends and all the great times fishing with each other....we all wish you the best of luck on your new adventure in the wonderful Florida Keys,good luck on your new job and may all your wishes come true....from all your friends and fisherman on the Big 0
  12. GO TO BARCELONA....you won't regret it....buffalo is dead
  13. I believe they have changed the rules on the excalibur...they are all legal now
  14. still available...for another week...then going out for garage sale
  15. STILL AVAILABLE....would like to sell both as apair......and Al go look else where...you won't get these for your price...i didn't see anywhere i mentioned 300.00 ???????????????
  16. Thank you Gamler,much appreciated......tight lines sir !!!! Iwill contact him tomorrow....thanks again
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