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  1. Penn yan and that's a 17 foot I believe
  2. Fiberglass, very light ,250, I will put a picture on later
  3. Trailer is the best part,however tires are bad, the boat is solid ,no carpet seats are bad floor was replaced . The evinrude should run ,there is no battery but was told it ran when parked. Would be good for a duck boat. I bought with the idea of using the trailer on a different boat.
  4. Winds from the west the fish bite the best wind from the east fish bite the least winds of the north too cold to get out wind from the south blow the bait from the mouth
  5. I sent most of those beaver to the hatmaker this winter. How big is your boat. I would pay the 5 bucks and launch at barnerds camp or put in at the south end in bradford pond.
  6. Drove the 2 hours up to the lake , we no more than got one line out and thousands of bugs were all over us. I have never seen anything like it, couldn't take it , ran right back in. Was it like that everywhere today?
  7. Could put a list off all that stuff on one post instead of a single post for each item.
  8. I looked and steuben /yates line runs right down the center on the Branchport arm so I actually like to zigzag between counties
  9. Actually you have that backwards, both the Penn Yan and the Branchport arm are in yates county and from the bluff south to Hammondsport is steuben. I saw one person mention the wake restrictions on facebook but could find nothing on the news like last year. I have never seen a steuben sheriff on the water but I usually fish yates.
  10. I heard there was a no wake rule in yates county. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. Got the skunk today on the shakedown cruise out of Severne. Everything worked great , back at it soon. Ran rapalas on otter boards, and on downriggers, also had a dipsy rod out the back. Nothing set deeper than 45 feet
  12. Now the wind is going to blow 60 mph.
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