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  1. Put two in my Lund Barron. Worth the investment for me when pounding through heavy chop.
  2. Interesting because I had two PMs offering to sell me Tekota 600 LC reels after I responded to a legitimate seller (Polesetter) last week. The two PMs were from Donald3 and Salliep. I noted that both were recently added to LOU and had no other posts I could see, so I assumed they were scammers and I ignored them. Sound like I made the right call.
  3. I always had to buy the whole side plate to fix missing lense. They are cheap, but seems to be on backorder at my normal source https://www.ereplacementparts.com/ Try http://tunasreeltroubles.com.
  4. Thanks Hank. You are the man! You are exactly correct. The other end of my cable is a molded Canon plug but didn’t occur to me it was a retrofit job. Thanks again!
  5. Anyone have an old style Canon downrigger power connector they would sell? I am looking for both the male and female connector. Pictures are of the male end only that goes to the rigger motor. Not worried about the cord, just need the connector. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. I had pins loose before but had put a small wire tie through the hole to keep it from moving. I’m not hard on my equipment so I’m just going to chalk it up to I got a bad unit. It happens in manufacturing. Sounds like lots of you have had no issues so I’m going to replace it with the same model and hope for the best.
  7. I have two Cannon dual axis rod holders on my boat and one had a catastrophic failure yesterday. The bottom pin that holds the pistol grip in place broke through the casting. I called Cannon and was told it is out of warranty and there are no replaceable parts. My second one shows bulging on the edge at the same spot and will surely fail at some point. I asked if they had redesigned this holder since I bought mine (2014) because there is very little material between the pin hole and the edge of the casting. They promissed to check and get back to me. Has anyone else had this issue with this holder? I love how they work but don't want to buy any more unless there is more material holding these pins in place. Maybe I just got a bad batch?
  8. Hank at L&M put a Garmin unit on my Baron and I am very happy with it. It controls both the Yamaha 250 main and the 9.9 kicker. Hank it the man to go to.
  9. I just installed a Fell Marine remote kill switch on my boat for this exact reason. https://www.fellmarine.com/ If you are trolling alone and go overboard the engine stops.
  10. Looks to me like the trailer was too short for the boat so the winch post was hitting real low on the keel. This allowed the boat to surf right over the winch post.
  11. Great turnout today at the ELOSTA tackle sale. The seminars put on by Brian Hammond, Dave Klock and Matt French were excellent. Thanks guys for sharing some your secrets. Much appreciated.
  12. I used wire ties instead of screws or bolts and it works great. Thought it was going to be a temporary set up at first but 4 years later have no reason to change it.
  13. Hi Werner. Can you please clarify rule #2 for me. I am reading this to mean that once you have kept 6 legal fish you are "boxed out" and must stop fishing. Is that correct?
  14. Hank is great. Recommend him 1000%.
  15. Thanks for the link Rob. When I try to view the video from 2009 and 2010 it says "video unavailable." The only one that plays is the one on the top. Is it just my computer that isn't working?
  16. LOPA TV Anyone know where to access the LOPA TV show videos from 2010? I had them on a DVR but they got erased. Can't find them on the internet now.
  17. I have a HLD-DD1062H 10'6" heavy Heartland rod. I had to replace the next to last guide - looks ok and very functional. I would sell it for $15 plus shipping or you pick up. Let me know if you're interested.
  18. Congratulations Thinking Bigger! Well done. Thanks Greg for taking the lead on this and thanks Tom, Rob, Matt and Tim for supporting this cup. Hope to participate again next year (but with better results from my team Dark Horse )
  19. Congrats to Tall Tails and Trouble Shooter on their wins.
  20. The inside diameter is approximately 3/16". They come with the shrink tubing you see in the plastic container which can increase the diameter of the rod tip if needed. I did not use any of them.
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