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  1. I have four Ugly Stik diver rods I would sell. Model BWDD 1100. All are in good shape 10 foot, Medium Heavy action with Twili Tips. $40 each plus shipping or you pick up. I live near Central Square. Prefer to sell all four so I'd take $140 for all of them.
  2. On wire dipseys I have both 600 and 700. 700 are a lot faster bringing in long lines. 600s are lighter. Still have not decided which I like better overall. Changing drags on the 700 and 800 reels is worthwhile, inexpensive and easy to do. Wish the 800 had more capacity as 600 copper is too much for it so had to go with Okuma Soltera which is like using a boat winch
  3. The problem is a Federal judge issued a ruling this past Spring that legally stopped the ability of the DEC and similar organizations in other states, from oiling eggs or killing double breasted cormorants in an attempt to control their population. A terrible decision which the DEC and others are trying to get changed. Unfortunatly, for now, their hands are tied and all they can do is harass birds. Here is a brief explaination of what happened: http://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2016/05/federal_court_ruling_halts_nys_lethal_cormorant_control_practices.html I suggest we all write letters of support for ongoing cormorant control to our elected officials, state & federal agencies, etc. That's what I did anyway. It may help and can't hurt.
  4. Question on the rules... once the team has caught and kept 6 fish are we "boxed out" for the tourney or can we still upgrade, assuming we are under our legal limit for the boat?
  5. Pre fishing for the Atommik Invitational today got this monster on a 400 copper meat rig. Didn't weigh or measure before releasing but estimate it was 20+. For reference I am 6'2" and shall we say large . Too bad the LOC ended last week[emoji53]
  6. Thanks Matt and everyone else who helped put this event on. Excellent job! Not my first tourney but first time as captain. We were thrilled about our 6th place finish in AM. We'll be back next year!
  7. 100% agree that Hank is the man!
  8. Is this the NOOA site you were looking for originally? http://www.nws.noaa.gov/om/marine/zone/gtlakes/bufmz.htm
  9. New study on Lake Huron indicates their salmon fishery is unlikely to ever recover. Scary reading for me at least. http://record.umich.edu/articles/study-indicates-lake-hurons-chinook-salmon-fishery-unlikely-recover
  10. We're already signed up for next year with Charles on net and me holding on to the dipsy rod!
  11. I had not noticed number 4 whack the dipsy. Thanks for the good eye. Don't know if we could have handled a quad but it would be fun to try😅 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Took my Ohio friend, Charles, out for his first ever try for salmon on Thursday/Friday. He landed 4 his first day and the second day we landed a triple with just the two of us on the boat! What a hoot that was. Luckily we had the GoPro running to document our efforts. We though his fish was a derby fish until we got it close and saw the dipsy never tripped I had told him you had to be easy on wire and obviously he listened. I don't think I'll have any trouble getting him to come again next year! YouTube video link is http://youtu.be/hHW6zvBBhgE and please pardon the couple language slips. We were pretty excited.
  13. You are a good man for turning it in. I left one at Wrights a couple years ago and it never turned up. The $80 it cost replace it hurt.
  14. I like the app windalert. Pretty accurate in Oswego area.
  15. When I open the camera link it shows the picture is from June 2 of last year. Is that what you guys see as well?
  16. Peave

    auto pilot

    I put a Garmin GHP20 on my Lund Barron last year and I love it. Running Yamaha 250 main and 9.9 kicker. Was not cheap but it works great so far. Hank at L&M in Port Bay installed it for me and did a great job.
  17. I like the free wind alert app for smart phones. Has seemed pretty accurate when I'm on the lake in real time.
  18. Stopped by the hatchery today. Third time there for me this year and the size of the fish in the ladder was noticeably bigger than they were a week ago. Much bigger than any I caught this year on the lake. Most of them looked to be in pretty good condition too. Not sure what this means but thought I'd share the data point.
  19. How can you tell if a fish is mature? Also, can you tell males from females easily without killing them? Thanks for helping to educate me.
  20. Finger Lakes Construction built two for me. Outstanding workmanship and service. Not the cheapest but I would definitely use them again if I was building another one. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app. No ,,m,
  21. I am available, reliable, and don't get seasick Call Steve at 315 668-6291 and press 1 after the machine answers. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app. No ,,m,
  22. If I was a charter I'd go with Otters because I don't care about deck space, storage space and a flip would be a huge problem with an unknown crew to handle it. Because I am a small boater I go with Amish. Easy to work, easy to stow, and if I FU and flip one, my bad.... Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. I have the Amish boards and they are nice. Fold up so don't take much room when stored. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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