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    for sale: can 1987 sundowner 225

    PLEASE READ FULL AD FOR LIST OF ALL WORK DONE. 1987 four winns sundowner 225 -boat has been completely wrapped in a matte black vinyl (DIY) last year - turned out great but is not perfect as it hs the odd air bubble etc and has some small patches from dings -new 2018 excalibur BT6000 trailer -chevy 350 (mercruiser 260) engine with a mercruiser alpha 1 outdrive -stainless prop that has been re-hubbed and balanced -edelbrock 650cfm marine carb -edelbrock performer rpm intake manifold -msd high vibration ignition coil -brand new updated style shift interrupt switch -holley high volume fuel pump -new moeller fuel sender -new re-upholstered cuddy cabin that was done june of 2019 -new bow and stern lights -the whole outdrive has new seals and gaskets -stainless square-square gimbal steering pin -new trim limit senders - new engine rear main seal, oil pan gasket, valve cover gaskets -new gimbal transom gasket -new helm switch panel with usb plug in -stainless steering wheel -entire boat has been re-wired -hummin bird helix 5 gps/sonar -the entire floor has been line-x'd -new exhaust flappers -new driver pedetsal and seat -brand new giant fenders -stainless fuel caps, vents and waste caps - new oem mercruiser alternator -all new battery cables -new this summer 1000cca battery and new battery box -completely resealed trim tab cylinders with new lines and fittings -main deck lighting thats switchable to white or red -brand new oem mercruiser starter - has 2 new marine speakers and has a new bluetooth deck **also has a mint condition teak swim platform that just needs to be oiled - it is not mounted as it will need new brackets to mount it** the boat was bought in 2015 and was surveyed before purchase - passed with flying colors. cosmetically when bought was showing its age but structurally was in mind shape. the deck, stringers and transom was 100% dry and solid which as well all know is super rare of a boat this age, i completely sealed the floor, and transom and engine mounts with linex and i even glassed in 2 inch high wood base for the driver pedestal as to not make holes in the floor cosmetically isnt complete as the bottom paint isnt in good shape and still has some old sticker graphics showing. i am selling as i want to make a dramatic change in my life and doesnt include boat i am asking 5000 for it with downriggers and not a penny less, if it doesnt sell it doesnt sell and i will happily keep it, it may be old, it may not be cosmetically perfect but structurally and maintenance wise it is flawless, it is my baby and my hobby, not just an object i neglected for a pass time SPECIFICATIONS: 22.5 long for boat 5600lbs fully loaded as per cat scale weight does 46mph on a good day and 43mph average electric trailer brakes 2 5/16 trailer ball
  2. Where abouts is this launch??? I tried searching bald eagle creek and couldnt find it. Id like to get that deep
  3. from my experience so far GREEN color are the way to go.... i have had watermelon, wonderbread glow, a plain orange spoon, tried body baits in various colors and natural looking colors, and flies behind a spin doctor and so far ONLY the green spoon and the green flies have been hit. even with lake trout the green spoon has been slaying them. so far have had 10 hits, once was the fly and all 9 others were the spoon pictured below normally orange spoon catches me coho's and watermelon slays the rainbow trout
  4. for anyone who hasnt come to the canadian side and visted toronto island, i highly recommend it! i always love going on a nice evening as the sunsets can be mesmerizing with the CN tower and skydone in back ground and when its all lit up at night and with the action along the shoreline is just incredible. all in all we went 3 for 6 that day, boated 2 lakers and a wicked hard fighting king salmon that weighed in at 18 pounds. i have caught a 30 pound king salmon that had 1 hard run and that was all, the one we got that weekend fought and fought HARD, we got it to the boat twice and it ripped over 100 feet of line off the reel screaming back out!!! 20 pound test line over 20 minutes into the fight we landed it! hope you enjoy the pictures!! and NO no editing was done the sunset saturday evening was just incredible
  5. i am interested as well, i am wanting to target lakers for my first time this year!
  6. would help to know the shape and dimensions of it. there are lots of different brackets. you have a picture and measurements of it?
  7. at the minimum unscrew ALL block and manifold drains and drain water!!! also make sure your power steering cooler is also dry!!
  8. what did you hate about it???? i just got a helix 5 a few months ago, have not used it and now you worry me lol
  9. review the wire gauge table in this following link https://www.hotrodhotline.com/grounding-electrical-systems#.VvRqeuIrLIV
  10. nice, browns are something i havent caught yet.... are summer time browns able to be caught??
  11. damn you beat me by like a second lol
  12. thats a jack crevalle!!! still a very hard fighting fish!!! i agree salt water life is so much nicer but hey we cant complain, for freshwater fishing i think we have it the best in the world!!
  13. for some reason i have always had much better luck using braid. i never had any issues with the fleas clinging onto the line excet maybe once - maybe im just lucky. i have always had way better hook sets too and i never used a shock cord. i ran 20lb braid all the way to the divers and then 20lb fluoro 7 foot section from diver to lure, i have had great success with it and landing 95% of my catch. i really like with braid to that when you wan to reel your diver back in you just yank the rod to trip the divers mechanism and reel it back in meanwhile with mono there is so much stretch the mechanism never wants to trip until i have reeled it in halfway to the boat
  14. it is so sad to lose people to this terrible disease. i lost a friend in august to cancer, my grandpa passed this past christmas day to cancer and my uncle is currently battling it. i did not know ray but his family has my condolences
  15. i just bought a helix 5 sonar/gps with the nav chip a couple weeks ago, seems like a nice little unit for the money. i was wanting to go with the helix 7 but impule buy on the smaller helix 5 lol. have not used it so cannot give a review but am excited to try it out come summer
  16. i prefer to change it in fall as used oil has some acidity to it from the combustion blow by. i put fresh clean oil in it then run it for a bit to get it circulated to all seals and gaskets. moisture buid up in the crankcase isnt really something to be worried about as it is sealed off pretty well from the atmosphere except through the PCV line
  17. probably wouldnt be very cheap but it is worth it imo. i am not sure of any specific companies as i am not sure where you live, best just call around for a couple of quotes and provide a picture to them via email to get a ball park and decide if it is worth it for you or not
  18. have you thought of vinyl wrapping the part you want to paint (if you can with that part) i havent had the best of luck with paint and if i ever do want to redo my boat i will for sure be going the vinyl wrap as that cant flake off and is much more durable to scratching and scuffing...... just a thought
  19. what makes me wonder if that you are supposed to replace your exhaust manifolds every few years due to rust and if you dont they get to a point where they rust so bad it will clog up the water passage or rust right thru and pour water in the exhaust, how does this not happen to the engine block itself?? engines go on for 30-40 years without rust through the block itself and dont clog up, its very rare they do. what makes the manifolds different from the block itself?
  20. thats what i have already done vince but i also drained the block of the pink anti freeze just incase still. apparently you should leave it in because of the anti corrosion properties.... too late now its already stored and shrink wrapped. i searched the internet pap and on iboats. it seems alot of people do use vinegar to clean rust and there are videos, but i havent heard of anyone dumping it straight into their engines was just wondering if its safe for gaskets and all. though there arent many gaskets or seals in the coolant passages, its not like any of the engines oil seals are in contact with the water passages (that i can think of) only stuff like the thermostat housing gaskets, water pump gaskets and your actual head gasket which is steel and wont be harmed
  21. does anyone have experience using vinegar to flush rust out of their iron engines water passages? vinegar can degrade rubber over time but engine seals and gaskets are a little different and made to withstand some acidity from gas and the sort so im not sure if vinegar will mess up any gaskets and seals? i was thinking of flushing out my mercruiser 260hp 350cid engine which is cooled directly from lake water. want to keep the cooling system clean and prevent any potential future problems
  22. if you would be willing to come very close to the border here in ontario i would be interested, but i think that is a little far from you
  23. so i am looking at a real nice starcraft boat tomorrow, it is an older boat so i doubt there is anything owing on it but i like to protect myself. how do you check if there are any liens/outstanding balances on a boat??? for a car there is a used buyers pack but is there anything like that for boats? i live in ontario if that makes any differences
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