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  1. I'll be out of sodus tm morning. My phone number is 9198009002, feel free to give me a call and we can try to figure out these fish.
  2. Thank you. Which is best to send out first, outside or inside? I have read that some people set the inside First and some people set the outside.
  3. Just purchased my third and forth dipsy rods. I'm going to run mags on the inside and number ones on the outside. Does anyone have any tips, pointers or things I shouldn't do?
  4. If I'm fishing in close to shore with my riggers and boards down a few feet, with extra long leads, will my spoons or stick baits flutter twords the top?
  5. What is the process for raising and lowering your riggers with a slider attached? Does the slider stay at the belly of the line when you do both or does it change position? Thanks in advance.
  6. What is the best and most effective way to run side planers for browns? Three rods per side. Would like to run mono and potentially a 1-2 color leadcore. Is this possible or should I just stick with all mono? How far back for each rod? Should I run a couple split shot on the inside two rods? Rod placement in holders? Thanks in advance. I have an idea in my head just want to have a concrete game plan before I hit the water.
  7. If I buy the torpedo swivels should they be ball bearing or just the regulars?
  8. Marine tex white seems to be a great product based on the reviews.
  9. Hull Nick. Its a little ways under where the winch hookup is, i would say three to four feet below.
  10. Right on the front of the bow before it starts to curve upward. It is actually parallel with the ground when out of the water. I could be wrong but I think it would be more of a concern if it was farther forward as it starts to come up.
  11. Thanks Spike! But what to you mean by back it up?
  12. I have an 89 Penn Yan Contender with a fiberglass hull. I have a hole on the bottom of the bow that needs to be fixed. Is there any special kit you can buy to repair this? A marine repair kit or will a bondo type car kit suffice? Thanks.
  13. Is this compatible with an I/O and what additional parts are needed to mount and install?
  14. I totally agree with everything you guys are saying about the smaller test. I just hate losing my equipment. But I do like to tire the fish out and play with em a little bit.
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