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  1. I have always used dipsy divers and been pretty happy. What's everyone opinion on the deeper divers?
  2. Use a high quality swivel from your wire to your dipsey. Look up the LOTSA knot online, great knot and very reliable.
  3. Purchased a king of sting and can't wait to try it... Hopefully I will be coming back for a hand full more!
  4. Goodluck guys and thakns for the hard work.
  5. The derbies usually last long enough where everyone is not fishing the same day. I suppose on a weekend in the right location it could be slightly congested. Just keep your eye out and pay attention.
  6. Not the info I was hoping for but def informative. Thank you.
  7. Green gator was our number one last year. The glows were hot, greens and purples took most fish.
  8. Haha! Dreamweaver has one called "Michael Jackson! Half black half white, thought that was pretty funny. Although I have never heard of anyone using it before.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I'll have to do a little experimenting.
  10. Rolmops what do you mean by slip? As far as leader length, do you make is the same as your rod length?
  11. I have been running 30lb big game on all my rods. Except the dipseys of course. I would like to give the flourocarbon leader a try but i had a couple questions. How long of a leader to you use and also what kind of knot or tackle to you use when you tie them together.
  12. Looking to purchase a few new spin doctors for the 2013 season. What were the top producing rotators for you guys during 2012. Oh and feel free to include your favorite flies too! Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the input guys! Does anyone know if cannon stands behind their product like berts?
  14. Where is a good place to buy the Cannon dual axis? Also what size track is recommended to hold three rod holders?
  15. I have a pair of the convector 30D's. I used the for one season for my dipsey rods. I think that for the price they are definitely a great buy. I have also talked to many people who also have said the same thing.
  16. Does anyone have any feedback or opinions on these? How would they holdup up with a mag dipsy and a 30ld king hammering it?
  17. That's a good question. I was actually wondering the same thing. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Hey guys, just figured I would give this a try. Boy the winter seems to be dragging on... Been waiting to hit the lake again since the last time I was out in September! I have had my own boat now for about 3 years and I have a real passion for fishing. I am really trying to get my foot in the door with a charter boat so I can learn the trade better and eventually obtain my captains licence. I have a great work ethic and a strong willingness to learn. I would still consider myself a novice but everytime I go out I learn something new. If anyone knows of a captain who is looking for a person with good people skills, great work ethic, punctuality and who is passionate about fishing please extend my message or write me back. Thanks alot for reading and I'll seee you on the lake in the spring!
  19. http://www.caboyachts.com/Page.aspx/pag ... ress.aspx#
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