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  1. I just went through the same thing. I have run scotty’ and cannons. I opted to rig my new boat with magnum metalz. I spent a lot of time and research and I to go with them. I like the all metal frame, the configuration options, and the low profile. I was willing to give on the auto stop . I really loved my cannons too but for my liking, I chose the magnum metalz’. Not trying to persuade anyone one way or the other, just giving you info as to what I did
  2. Looks like you’re at Arney’s. My brother is there as well. That was my first LO boat too and it served me well. Nice rig
  3. Sk8man....well said. You were a bit more eloquent than I but the same sentiments here
  4. I was away from the Lo fishing for about ten years then got back into it heavily last year. When I had my spoon business and charter I never ran a fish hawk but I was in the water daily from May through September. Locating and catching fish was never a problem for me. The fishhawk is a great tool but often times people become so reliant on temperature that it works against them. I have caught salmon out of temperature more frequently than some would believe. My point is that if you run the fishhawk as your sole tool to locate fish, it can, and eventually will, work against you. If you use it as a tool to assist it is well worth the money.
  5. I have four 3 inch pedastals for sale and I can break them up if you just want two.
  6. Where were you fishing? We caught a 300lb dusky shark two weeks ago out of Fort Lauderdale but the sails were scarce.
  7. Agreed. There are different interests involved but the fishery’s best interest is a common link. Much better attacking anything with a unified front.
  8. Thinking about running 12 lb as mainline on my speing brown setups. Thoughts? I’d still run flouro leaders but curious as to durability after being pinched in releases over and over.
  9. If still available I’ll take them all.
  10. When we troll he spends 99% of his time in the cabin, where of course you know, he’s not required to wear one. In our excitement to get him his first king he didn’t put it in. But hey, thanks for pointing that out.
  11. He wears his life jacket on the way in and out. Not while trolling.
  12. AJ’s can fight. I live in Orlando. My firm is there too. What part of Florida do you live in
  13. this is a special video. Ten years after leaving the lake fishing and my charter business to go to law school and eventually start up a law firm in Florida, I brought by six year old fishing on my brother Ryan’s boat. My 16 year old son helped my six year old being this fish in. It was awesome. The result was my buying a boat to leave in Sodus and now we will be fishing up there regularly again. It’s a long video but the last minute is awesome.
  14. What’s the cost? What payment methods do you accept? Thanks
  15. Pats 13 rams 3 lol who saw that coming ??
  16. And I mean the rotating gimbal mounts with tracks mounted to them.
  17. Has anyone used the rotating gimbal mounts for Dipsy rod holders on their boats? Thoughts?
  18. To be clear, your 16 foot aluminum was a “real” Lake Ontario boat. Don’t diminish what you accomplished in that boat. You’re simply upgrading. We all should be proud of any boat we have up there.
  19. Great video. Was watching some of your you tube videos yesterday. Keep it up.
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