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  1. J Plugs in Red , Silver , SIL- blu also good for Steelies off boards or on LC in spring , I use to run them 1.5 -7 range & always caught some decent fish on them ! In fall they were one of my best producers day in day out don't realize why more anglers don't use this plug like years back its still a decent producer .
  2. U can also,strip the lead back,6-8"'s using only the core which is hollow run lthe copper up the lead core sheathing , tie back to back nail knots and coat with knot sense or u can whip the connection coat as stated. If umwhip it star above entry & whip so plenty over the connection covering both ends ! Nail know one at inner line where wire meets lead other where where lead meets cooper coat as stated ! I've also used 16 carrier HC run both copper and core into a short pice of HC usually 60# HC works fine whip where they meet inside HC nice flat super strong connection with no hinging!
  3. Their tuna rods any tuna in Great Lakes , 20# class should be ample with correct tapers !
  4. Canyon Reels have great spinning reels for a lot less bucks , I've been using salt n fresh no issues to date irs been two years ! I also own Stradics, Stella's n Saragosa's but these Canyon spin reels are smoother offer real,smooth drags especially with lite line use ! Canyonreels.com I use their 2000 for Salmon n Steelhead more then you will ever need drag wise !
  5. G Loomis Hot Shot rods by far the best ! 8.5 or 9 one piece FT
  6. I have a spool of 150 PP 4 strand 1500 yds sell u for $125 shipped ! Use Laurvick releases & make sure ur poles are well elevated should have no,issue with releases slipping down line under a load .
  7. If umcan PM me ur phone #'again I'll call u if still interested in waders, I cannot seem to,get messages up, Tunaman
  8. Sometimes fisherman in ur marina can help out or go out with a friend that has expierance , sometimes the rigging is secondary to understanding temp ranges , finding bait & depth that is producing to,rigging issues . keep a note book to keep track,of what I caught , depth , temp rig etc pretty soon patterns will merge . good luck
  9. I'll call u if I can get ur post back up,having issues doing so , sorry !
  10. FS over boot wading cleats One see used but in good condition strap and frame good shape , fits up to size 12 wader or shoe Korkers I believe made rhose asking $30 also so one pair over boot crampon spikes with rubber housing , group spike cleats , these are brand new in box list 59.95 łsell $30 will ship local to PA free ! Photos or ?'s Universal swivel bases by Invader fit most DR's extremely hi quality brand new very heavy duty , made out of SS & Aliminum best on market ! 2 Ea. $100 apiece + shipping local to eascoast !
  11. No chance ! Anyhow they maybe sold !! Somebody's getting a helluva deal whoever ends up with them !
  12. Invader electric Downriggers in great shape , rare models 4 x 8' adjustable booms ! They lift to vertical for easy access . Have a pair I want to sell complete wirh bases & ball retrievers & cable installed ready to go Extending the 8' booms widens ur spread & permits tighter turning radius without fouling spread . Motors lift 12# balls . Double rollers on booms for extra support ! Asking $400 for pair , shipped. FOB from PA ! Also include couple blacks releases with sale . If interested & would like to,see photos of product , I can text to U if u supply pho # Thks
  13. Invader Planer Board masts with bases used but in great condition ! I can supply any info if interested , they are very quality & strongly constructed . I can send pictures I'd up supply pho # for text . Pair $250 FOB. PA shipping point .
  14. Selling 2 Fly outfits by Shu- Fly brand new as follows: 1 4 piece 9' # 8 Switch Rod in original case 1 4 piece 9' # 7 Switch Rod ". " 1ea Shu - Fly. Max Drag fly reels for above rods All items brand new never used ! These rods have full lifetime warranty ! List on each outfit over $300 ! Sell $200 per unit & throw in fly line for free !!
  15. Selling pair of original Invader DR swivel bases ! Never used brand new $65 ea or $120 per pair FOB. PA ship point I can supply photos or answer ?'s Thks Lou
  16. Why not use outboard Rod holders for Shute rods & drail all the lines to maintain various separations & cut length of wire way down ? Why deploy 500' when a 3 to 6 oz drail would get same depths . U can also cut speed & deploy a compatible set ! Just wondering ?
  17. Plugs always work for Salmon spring n fall however the biggest issue I've always felt is trolling speed for salmon vs troll speed for trout let's say . I've never been a speed fan since 2mph's & under worked very well , that being said plug capability to swim at spoon speeds was not always best . So u either had to change set to one or other or modify spoon to work @'plug speed ! This is shallow water only spring / fall season , running plugs off DR's in deep water conditions is a lot tougher than simply running clean spoons , can be done but then again u run into proper speeds for each set . I've ways preferred running plugs when possible but stacking DR em' Never appealed to me but in shallowwater conditions my go to lure for most part . Fish when aggressive plugs shine under tease incentive bites maybe not the best . It's good to recognize best u can what produces when & go with that choice on given day . Lotsa if @ & butts to get it right .
  18. Cabelas cast / trolling reel with line counter system , model Deprhmaster Tournament series DT 300 M Reels in very good shape , with one exception counter system not working I Suspect it needs batteries , selling for friend . Asking $45 shipped local to PA !
  19. Brand new never used Shu- Fly 8 weight 4 piece fly rod new in case switch Rod Matching 7 / 8 Max Drag fly reel w/ WF 8 floating line backing installed ready to go All items new in box with factory lifetime warranty List over $300 sell for $200 + shipping local to PA about $20 . Great Salmon / Steelie set up !
  20. I have Dipseys , several hundred lures , Laurvick planer boards , DR fish silhoueweights Etc 610.360.8202
  21. Stocking foot waders by Aquaz wader company Kenai model stocking foot New in box size Ex Lge Fits inseam 33-34. Waist 44-47 foot 12/13 Hi quality wader all Japanese material ! 3 layer material , waist belt included Made in Japan , Fleece hand warmer pockets , built in GG Retail $199 sell for $125 shipped local to PA Check their Website for additional info !
  22. Pair Downeast rod holders brand new single clamp models Sell $45 for pair will ship local to PA
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