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  1. Slow down, 4.2 mph is way to fast to troll the big O. Try trolling around 2-2.6 mph.
  2. And they couldn't lower the level 3 feet this year?
  3. clean and wax
  4. Boat detailing Looking for someone to do boat detailing in the Port Bay area, anybody know where I can find one? Thanks
  5. Thanks for that info, very interesting. How many pen fish do you normally see return?
  6. Flea flicker line made by cortland does the trick. The fleas are bad right now and usually 30lb test works, but that getting fleas now. The flea flicker line comes up with little to no fleas.
  7. My only thoughts are that I have had the same thoughts about doing the same thing. let me know it works. Maybe i'll try myself tonight.
  8. Thanks, trying to learn the lure lingo.
  9. Nice report but what is a "Bloody Frog" ?
  10. I could use some info on lake trout fishing? I hear about cow bells? what do you put as a lure on the cow bells? Any help fishing for them would be great, fishing out of port bay.
  11. I mess up posting again i wanted to know if running straight 20lb mono to the sticks baits are ok or is a leader like fluorocarbon is needed and what kind of terminal tackle needed and what pound test leader? Thanks for any info
  12. what pound test?