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  1. I tape a pinch pad release to the net handle far enough up the handle to hold the net tight to the handle. When you net the fish it will let go of the net. I fish solo a lot and this will keep the net under control less drag without the netting in the water.
  2. Planer mast and boards Great lakes 6ft double planer mast with springfield 2 3/8 dia. plug in base and 2 Aurora lights regular size boards both used 1 time only. Plus about 50 brand new releases. $475.00 firm. Prefer not to separate. Local pick up only .Fish out of Oswego and Mexico could deliver. If the plug in mast wouldn't work it could be cut off and a plate welded to it. Located in fulton NY.
  3. I have a 6ft great lakes planer mast with aurora lights boards used only 1 time. The mast has a pedestal mount. plus about 50 releases. Have over 1000. into it asking 500.
  4. Wanted

    I have a 6ft great lakes mast 2 yrs old used once with aurora lights planer boards and about 50 releases. But it all has to go together. Want $500.
  5. Have a 2013 9.8hp with 330 hrs on it used only for trolling. Its never had a whine to it. Its a very quiet motor. Had to replace the timing belt at 290 hrs other than that its been great.
  6. Medium light 8 ft okuma cold water. You feel the fight.
  7. I have been running 13 pnd torpedo weights for 3 yrs with no problem.
  8. PM me your cell number and i will send pics to your phone.
  9. I can get a pic this weekend.
  10. I have a complete unit for a 1986 88spl. Don't know if it would work on that motor.
  11. I have a 1987 19.5ft fish and ski andit holds 24 gallons.
  12. I was just on the WD40 website and they say it does not contain fish oil and they recomend not using it as an attractant. Just passing along what they said.
  13. Fished solo friday saturday and today. Went 6 for 6 friday with 3 high teen kings 2 lakers and a brown. Saturday went 6 for 6 all kings 1 skippy one 17# two 23# one 25# one 29# great morning. All but two caught on dippsys. Today went 1 for 1 with a king on the rigger 90 down. Awsome 3 days and great weather.
  14. Caught 10 eyes this morning south of bouy 125 in 15-20 fow useing bottom bouncers and purple jigs. Did good yesterday south of bouy 127 in 30 fow.
  15. Fished with trackerhunter this morning. We fished 175-200 fow caught 9 off the boards and the other 3 on the riggers 25 down. All were caught on blue dolphins and green dolphins. East west troll . straight out in front off the high sand cliff to the east of the fairhaven outlet. Awsome morning just kept going back and forth over our marks.