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  1. Skinny ones from Erie. Sent from my SM-T550 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Buffalo Sent from my SM-T550 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I would eat it! Sent from my SM-T550 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Want to go out at nite but only been on the lake once, don't know if I dare do it. Sent from my SM-T550 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Not sure what happened with Owasco , but I know in the early 2000'S I saw dozens of 20 in. plus walleyes pulled through the ice, it was a real bloodbath, every fish a couple of pounds at least. Mile or two south of Auburn west side. Same years I saw and old guy with a younger dude catch walleyes in the middle of the day at Elsinore to the south in about 15 to 35 ft deep, middle of summer. Those guys moved at a snails pace (no motor) and limited out (at least 3 hogs anyway) every time they went, worked damn hard for em though I could not believe it. Don't really know what this means but they are in there. They run up the creek at Dutch Hollow! Sent from my SM-T550 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. The topic is stocking. I wonder how the DEC approached it around 08 thru 12. With regard to numbers and size of stockers. It seems like many of the fish I caught in the last three years have been 22-28 inches,not so much this year a little smaller. I figure the fish that size are at least 4 thru 6 years old. Hard to tell with all the feed I could be wrong. I was a trout guy then.
  7. You are right Justin it's not 100's of fish taken each year,its thousands and when they're not being replaced in a put and take fishery it's a problem. Other comments have reiterated the natural reproduction is limited as are the streams in Otisco. The response of the stocking program is also being limited by the lack of stocking and the DEC won't answer. No mention of more boats in this thread from me, we have been down that road before. We just the need to figure out how to stock it on our own. I would/wiil advocate anything to help the situation be it money or effort. To keep pressing on the DEC is not the answer,it's like asking for a favor from someone, fuk that. This is the only finger lake locally that has a good alwive reproduction because of the nutrients that come from the south pond. I grew up on these lakes,Owasco etc are much clearer and free of nutrients because of filtering by zebra mussels, that is why the smelt and alwives are almost gone, not so in Otisco, I love this lake and want to see it thrive, and the only thing we can be sure of from the state is that we will pay our taxes. Let's figure out how to stock it ourselves.
  8. I see and hear hundreds of walleye taken every year. It definitely reduces the number of adult walleye in the lake, to think it doesn't make a difference in the population is definitely delusional. I was there when the walleye were being poured into the lake this spring. The DEC guy said "good fishing for three more years,after that I don't know". We all want to see sustainable stocking and should figure how to do it ourselves. I would love to take advantage of resources available through my college and would share the infrastructure struggles with all. If we can make this a project I will and let everyone know. Maybe we can help without the DEC who seem to have their hands tied.Although their efforts are appreciated they may not be what we need to keep Otisco lake what it should be. I will express ideas and take ideas so we can figure it out.
  9. Got out at about 1:30 bright,sunny and hot. Set lines and finally started marking at 20+ instead of on the bottom. Checked everything for weeds and decided to set the Downrigger at 21 ft with a short set back and outer lines at 20 ft. About 2:00 the Downrigger fires I shut the kicker off and immediately the outer line started to scream, had a double. My wife has a hard time pulling the set up out of the orca rod holder so I set down the Downrigger pole to release the other rod and get both ready to reel. The Downrigger bite pulled down hard as hell and came off after about a 30 second fight. After I lose the fish I look to see my wife's rod pumping like crazy and then fish gone. It was weird having a double with the rigger pole about 35 ft away from the boat while the other line was just over 200 ft away. I should have just focused on the initial bite instead of trying to deal with both oh well. Then it got kind of dark and downpoured, after that most marks went deep again and no more bites. Daytime trolling is on at Otisco with no worries about getting taken out at dark which has happened to me twice now, and I don't scare easily. Didn't see any other trollers either.
  10. Found a nice lure that works there. Berkley pro flicker minnow in blue slick alwive color. Has the precision guide trolling chart inside, to 23ft. with trilene XT 10 lb.
  11. Well said Bs master I concur.
  12. I would trade an Otisco run for an Oneida run , I have only ice fished it
  13. Good job did you catch em during daylight?
  14. I will always remember fishing with my single parent Dad. We were broke and lived off the land in the 80's Now I see people trying to profit from our resources with their pretentious attitudes and fancy gear some by running charters. We ate what we needed and didn't pull up hundreds walleye's a year. We never over fished and I find it sad that people boast about there catches and don't give a damn about the future.
  15. No doubt Justin is one of the best fisherman I know and works his butt off to put people on to fish. I, like many others just don't want to see the lake get too busy. Selfish I guess!
  16. Catching them at night is simple, daytime now is where you would be earning your money. How much did you pay old man?
  17. Moving to Buffalo next summer.I would trade up a trip for one person. If anyone is interested pm me I have countless pics of hog walleye but a small semi-junk boat. Would prefer Erie at south end of Buffalo.
  18. I lived there for years and the only 5+ lb hogs I ever caught were through the ice, I have caught many smaller fish in summer on bottom bouncer with worm harness in the channel. Spill way is good early but probably from the Tiaghniogha. Personally I wouldn't eat any thing out of there or the Susquehanna,that being said I have caught walleye in the crick around Taylor and Pitcher that are clean but hard to get keeper sizes, numbers are there though. Walk through the farmers fields, just be careful I have been chased buy some nasty dogs around there lol.
  19. Anybody have thoughts about which is better this time of year?
  20. My best lure this year has been a plain floating Rapala with a slow steady retrieve.
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