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  1. Musky Season

    Carleton Island is a great spot for muskies. Most of our muskies over the last few years have been taken on Swim Whizz lures. Good luck

    It's pretty simple. You don't like the rules DON'T enter or better yet start your own and you can see how much time and effort goes into doing these
  3. Olcott - 4/10

    VERY nice. Both Nick and Vinny are GREAT guys and terrific fishermen. Glad to see you got out and on some fish
  4. Inline Side Planer Boards

    OR-16 clip. They won't come off ever again unless of user error. Make sure the line goes under the tit in the middle of the clip
  5. Says who??? They can't predict the weather to the minute let alone the weather for the winter
  6. If you fished the lake more than a few weekends out of ANY port on Lake Ontario the last 2 seasons it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the salmon numbers were down. DRASTICALLY. If you want to know the status of the lake ask the guys who are out there EVERYDAY from April-oct from sunup to sundown. Guys like Captain Vinny should be used as a tool. It's hard to argue with someone who spends more time on the lake in a month than most do all season
  7. ELOSTA Meeting 10-21-15

    THANKS fellas
  8. Navigation Lights...or lack thereof!

    I hate to rely on electronics but RADAR is a simple solution.
  9. Reviving Fish on the boat

    THANKS for the laugh Rick😂
  10. El nino

    They have been in Lake Erie since the mid to late 80s so I don't think that has anything to do with the weights of the walleye being down. I believe it has more to do with the HARSH winters we have received the last 2 years more than anything else
  11. El nino

    They cant seem to predict today and tomorrow's weather right most of the time so I'm not holding my breath to ANY forecast for the winter
  12. VERY ODD

    I will prolly catch some heat for this but a wise man once told me the Kings live on the western end of Ontario and go and die on the eastern end but besides spring it hasn't been the case this yr. Tough bite on the western end with some fairly good days on the eastern end
  13. FLEAS

    walmart. Omniflex 50lb test. Cheap and the fleas WONT stick to it at all. Peal 100-200 yds off and splice the 50lb in.
  14. my guess is his dipsy rods were firing until he reached 400 FOW then his riggers started firing. Just a guess though