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  1. Looking to hit Owasco in the am.. Anyone been out? likely troll early and try and grab some perch around 10. Any info would be appreciated, not looking for gps coordinates, just general info, depth's color north or south end, etc.
  2. Check out the different marina's websites around the lake, you'd be suprised whats out there. I picked up a 2003 125 Merc from Burt Goodnoughs last year, and a 8hp 4 stroke Merc from Arney's last month. Saved a bunch of $$ over brand new in both cases.
  3. Fulton adjustable kicker motor mount. Came on my boat when i bought it but it was too small for my 4 stroke merc so i switched it out for a gaerlick. Handled my old 2 stoke 6hp perfectly. Im not sure the model # as its not on the mount anywhere. Best offer takes it, open to trades. Located in Syracuse, would ship if buyer picks up the tab for it.
  4. Was at Mikes marina on the little salmon this AM and the river is still basically all iced over. Didnt even bother to check the state launch as i had to get to work, and i didnt expect it to look that good
  5. I was on it yesterday, so it must have just gone down for an upgrade. FYI Fat nancys's has a ton of his spoons and paddles still, i picked up a dozen this am
  6. I always try and stay local, that being said. I juts bought a bunch of basspro xps stick baits they have on clearance for 3 bucks
  7. Great reels. i still have one from the 80's on the boat for leadcore. how much are u asking
  8. Patriot, we're making out just fine, just thought i'd throw it out there as alot of people are out of work in this economy and i like working with people who share similar interests. Chas your right, teacher is a helluva job for a fisherman
  9. I'm not sure if im posting this in the proper space, but here goes. I am a Manager at Mass Mutual of Central New York and am looking for financial advisors to join our growing team. Whether your a seasoned veteran, just looking to get into the business, or fresh out of the military i'd love to talk to you and see if there is a place for you at our firm. Looking for guys or girls who can handle making their own schedule and are willing to put the work in for a better future for themselves and their families. If interested email me a resume to [email protected] or call 315-671-4343 Tight lines Jay
  10. Gander's prices are 95% of the time higher than Dicks, that goes for fishing gear and hunting stuff. Personally, i buy my stuff at the local shops in mexico /pulaski area. 1.) i'd rather give the business to a local guy than a huge conglomerate and 2.) the prices are usually better.
  11. I went with the Elite 7 HDI last year and really like it. Big screen, lots of features. If your trying to network with other stuff though go with an HDS
  12. 250 shipped is my bottom price or I'll hold on to it Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. About 10 inches in 160 fow mid lake on Monday Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Is it the ones with the springs on them?
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