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  1. The holes on the bottom, that attach the base to the boat are in a 4 inch square . The holes on top, that attach the base to the rigger are in a 2.5 inch square
  2. I have two older cannon swivel bases, that came on my trophy. One works flawlessly, the other is rusted and I don't have it spinning yet, but I believe it will. Asking 80 for both as is, or trade for a lead core or wire combo
  3. It has both... for now.. looking to repower in a few years, but the force is of the mercury variety and will keep me on the water until then
  4. Thanks fellas. glad i posted instead of throwing it out, especially seeing as i'll be trailering it often
  5. Can anybody identify this? it was in the cuddy of my used trophy i just bought. i cant figure out what it is, looks too short to be for kicker steering?
  6. Sunday was very slow for us out of Mexico. Lots of marks, but not so much as a knockoff in 6 hrs. stayed mainly in 150-250fow
  7. I have one as well. Pm me if you still need one
  8. The bass holes musta buzzed me 5 times! It's been real slow for us when the wind isn't blowing this year on oneida. Got one on a yellow jig at 6 off shack and was off by 8
  9. I think monkey puke is my favorite
  10. My dipsy rods are setup with 65# power pro spectra. Would u guys still recommend no snubber?
  11. I really like all the gold on this boat. Good luck with the sale
  12. Thats awesome footage. Makes you realize they have to work to bite a f/f sometimes, kinda similar i imagine to how they hunt down actual baitfish
  13. Ive always had HB's as well. but was seriously considering a change. I can say the humminbird customer service is actually decednt, compared to what ive heard about lowrance.. Looks like an HB 788ci is at the top of my list now
  14. A 94 trophy 2002wa. Came with a 125 force that'll get switched out in a yr or two for new mercs
  15. my 125hp just spits water out the back holes, not direct out of a hose like most mercs
  16. I've seen quite a few posts on these hnits with people having problems.. Im pretty close to buying one, though i might end up with the humminbird 7 series instead
  17. My name is Jay from Syracuse. Been fishing Oneida religiously for 20plus years, never had enough boat for the big O. Just bought a new trophy so i'll be out all over eastern ontario very soon.
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