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  1. I really like all the gold on this boat. Good luck with the sale
  2. Thats awesome footage. Makes you realize they have to work to bite a f/f sometimes, kinda similar i imagine to how they hunt down actual baitfish
  3. Ive always had HB's as well. but was seriously considering a change. I can say the humminbird customer service is actually decednt, compared to what ive heard about lowrance.. Looks like an HB 788ci is at the top of my list now
  4. A 94 trophy 2002wa. Came with a 125 force that'll get switched out in a yr or two for new mercs
  5. my 125hp just spits water out the back holes, not direct out of a hose like most mercs
  6. I've seen quite a few posts on these hnits with people having problems.. Im pretty close to buying one, though i might end up with the humminbird 7 series instead
  7. My name is Jay from Syracuse. Been fishing Oneida religiously for 20plus years, never had enough boat for the big O. Just bought a new trophy so i'll be out all over eastern ontario very soon.
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